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  • Customized Design PDLC Film for smart switchable glass

    Customized Design PDLC Film for smart switchable glass

    Smart switchable glass with Mountain pattern design: Smart switchable glass is a kind of laminated glass that laminate by EVA film and PDLC smar film. It can turn from opaque to transparent by remote control, wall switch or apps. The standard smart switchable glass can only...Read More

  • Pattern PDLC Film

    Pattern PDLC Film

    Smart switchable glass is an intelligent, high-grade functional glass that controls the dimming glass to vary between the scattering (opaque opacity) and the transmissive (transparent) state. This change achieves the dual requirements of glass permeability and privacy...Read More

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HUICHI, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings customers quality PDLC film made in China. As one of the famous brands, our factory also offers customers the free sample, the price list and quotation consultation, as well as the customized service of PDLC film.