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  • Gradient Decorative Interlayer Film For Glass Lamination

    Gradient Decorative Interlayer Film For Glass LaminationArt glass is an item that is made, generally as an artwork for decoration but often also for utility, from glass, sometimes combined with other materials. Techniques include stained glass windows, leaded lights (also called lead lights), glass that has been placed into a kiln so that it will moulde into a shape, glassblowing, sandblasted glass, and copper-foil glass work.Read More

  • Decorative Fabric For Glass Lamination

    Decorative Fabric For Glass LaminationThe interlayer film is for the decorative glass lamination which apply to the modern glass design. Decorative fabric for glass lamination, China, manufacturer, suppliers, factory, customized, quotation, price list, brands, free sample, made in ChinaRead More

  • Marble Paper Design For Glass Lamination

    Marble Paper Design For Glass LaminationThe marble paper is a decorative interlayer film for laminated glass, suitable for the hotel hall, glass floor, glass wall, and some other interior design.Read More