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Tape with heat resistant for glass bonding

Tape with heat resistant for glass bonding

Polyester Adhesive Tape based on polyester film with heat-resistance designed for the use of electrical masking and insulation series, with characteristics of excellent anti-chemicals, anti-chemical agent, anti-damp capability, and anti-incision and abrasion . Typical Usage For heat-resistance masking or powder coating, also for F class motors or electrical parts and transformer winding which require a long resistance to high temperature (180 Centi degree). For example : used to keep assembly glass fix together in lamination .

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Tape with heat resistant for glass bonding

Typical Usage

The heat resistant tape is used for the glass bonding together with EVA film.

The glass would not move when they are vacuuming, also it has good effort to avoid the glue flow too much on the edge, lead to the thick EVA film inrerlayer on the glass edge.


1. Shelf Life: To obtain the best performance, using this product within 6 months from date of delivery and store under normal condition of 27~35 Ceti degree and 40% to 60% R. H. In the origin carton;
2. Store in the dry, clear warehouse, and keep away from organic solvent, sharp-shape objects during delivery. Please do not roll or throw when loading.
3. The tape is widely used in various construction and chemical usages .


 Normal color Adhesive Type Thickness Width Adhesion N/25mm Elongation at Break%Temperature Resistance .C Electrical Strength KV
 Green self-adhesive 0.05mm 3cm/4cm/5cm 6-10 100180 4.5

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