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Marble Paper Design For Glass Lamination

Marble Paper Design For Glass Lamination

The marble paper is a decorative interlayer film for laminated glass, suitable for the hotel hall, glass floor, glass wall, and some other interior design.

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 Marble Paper Design For Glass Lamination

The marble paper can be laminated into 2 pcs of the glass by EVA film for the decorative glass or glass wall,  glass window.  It has a good effort to the interior design.

The marble paper design provide a good value for the transparency safety glass. It can apply to glass wall, glass window, glass floor, glass table top or some other application with glass.

With colorfulm and multi choises for your interior design.

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EVA Lamination temperature90-110 celsius degree



HUICHI, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings customers quality marble paper design for glass lamination made in China. As one of the famous brands, our factory also offers customers the free sample, the price list and quotation consultation, as well as the customized service.

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