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EVA film with  flow index for building glass lamination

EVA film with flow index for building glass lamination

EVA film is an interlayer film for the safety glass lamination, with high transparency and cost effective meets different requirements, suitable for outdoor application .The lamination film suitable for laminating smart glass ,decorative glass ,art glass ect .

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Super clear EVA film with low flow index for building glass lamination

HC-G Eva glass lamination film have some advantages:

1) High transparency: >90.1%
2) Adhesion strength: 95N/CM
3) UV resistance: >82%
4) High aging-resistant, have the properties with solar film, can keep adhesion well and will not turn yellow longer than 20 years in outdoor.
5)application: Suitable for outdoor building glass lamination.

With 15% flow index which can made the EVA film to fulfill with the bad flatness of the tempered glass, alos it can keep a strong tensile breaking to make the glass more safety!
Even if the glass fragmentation, debris will be sticky on the film, broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents debris from tying and penetrating the occurrence of falling events, ensuring personal safety.











Clear EVA film for laminating glass(HC-G)HC-G-76            0.76    2.3    50
HC-G-50              0.5    2.3    80
HC-G-38            0.38    2.3    100
HC-G-25            0.25    2.3    150


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