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3 reasons for smart switchable glass damaged
Apr 02, 2017

The smart switchable glass became well-know  that meets the high standard requirements, the price is higher than  ordinary glass, if installed or used improperly, may cause irreparable damage. What caused the dimmed glass to damage? How can we avoid the emergence of these situations?

1:  the fire spot(black spot)

When connect with the power supply, the glass burned and some black spot  or spark appears part of the glass.

This is because the voltage is too high for the smart glass used. Most of smart glass works under AC 110V/220V-60V/36V/24V, but if you connect with the power at 220V/110V, it will be burned.

You need a power supply to transfer the voltage from AC220V-60V/36V/24V. Please inquiry more information when you purchase the smart glass.

Black spot on the smart glass

2:  Delamination of the smart glass:

Some Jagged appear when the glass turns on.  

It is because using the silicone glue that  corrode the PDLC interlayer film.  Please use neutral and fast-drying silicone glue or ask te factory to recommened the silicone glue that they has been tested for a long time.  Or the wrong silicone glue will corrode the glass, and damaged the glass. Good quality silicone glue would not damaged the glass. If the delamination happend 2-3  years later, that is the smart glass with a poor quality.

Corrode the smart glass

3:  Edge shrink:

The liquid crystal film has been damaged and losed the function.

There are two main possibilities: one is the use of inappropriate glass silicone glue; the second is in the process of handling and installation of glass uneven force. So be sure to use the installation of special glass glue! Be sure to be careful!

smart glass

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