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Autoclave for PVB film lamination
Apr 27, 2017

Basic structure and principle

1, kettle body, kettle lid made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel processing, kettle body through the thread

 and flange connection, kettle cover for the body plate cover, both by the circumferential uniform of 

the main bolt, nut tightening connection.

2, the main seal of the autoclave with A-type double-line seal, the rest of the sealing points are used 

circular surface and plane, circular arc and circular surface of the line contact with the form of sealing, 

relying on the contact surface of high precision and finish Good sealing effect.

3, kettle body filled with barrel-type silicon carbide furnace core, electric furnace wire wear in the 

furnace core, the end of the shell from the shell side of the lower piercing through the wiring stud, 

rubber cable and the controller connected.

4, the kettle cover is equipped with pressure gauge, blasting membrane safety device, vapor-liquid 

valve, temperature sensor, easy to keep abreast of the reaction within the kettle, adjust the proportion 

of the media within the reactor and ensure safe operation.

5, the coupling is mainly by a strong magnetic force of a pair of internal and external magnetic ring 

composition, the middle of the pressure of the spacer. The stirrer is driven by a servomotor through 

a coupling. Control the speed of the servo motor, you can achieve the purpose of controlling the

 stirring speed.

6, the upper part of the sleeve with a speed coil, even into the one of the stirrer and the inner ring 

rotation, the speed coil will produce induced electromotive force, the potential and the stirring speed 

corresponding to the potential delivered to the tachometer, can show the mixing Rotating speed.

7, magnetic coupling and kettle cover with a cooling water jacket, when the operating temperature

 should be high when the cooling water, and the magnet temperature is too high and demagnetization.

8, bearing 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel bearings or high-strength electric graphite, wear resistance, and

 long maintenance cycle.


1, the shell with a standard aluminum chassis, the cover can be pulled back, easy maintenance and

 repair. The panel is equipped with temperature digital display, voltmeter, tachometer and control 

switch and adjustment knob, etc., for the operation of the operator.

2, the electrical principle: stirring control circuit of electronic components are assembled in a circuit

 board, the use of double closed-loop control system, with high precision speed, speed stability, 

anti-interference ability and other characteristics, and have limited speed, overcurrent, etc. Of the 

protection function, adjust the "speed" knob to change the DC motor DC voltage, thus changing the 

motor speed, to control the purpose of stirring speed.

3, the heating circuit using solid-state relay (commonly known as voltage regulator) regulator, so that 

the heating circuit tends to be simplified, as long as the adjustment "regulator" knob to adjust the 

heating power, while the control part of the heating circuit is equipped with intelligent digital display 

Table, so that the heating temperature according to the requirements of the process of arbitrary speed, and control the temperature accuracy is very high (see the thermometer instructions)

4, all external leads are from the rear panel through the waterproof connector from the controller

 terminal leads.

Operation Points 

1. Open the console current switch, you should first make the stirring switch, speed heating switch to 


2. Before feeding, rinse the inner wall of the autoclave with the mother liquor, stir and join the surface,

 and then slowly close the cover, so as not to hurt the joint surface.

3. On the screws must be condemned, and with a torque wrench into a cross-shaped symmetrical

 ground to avoid uneven force. Do not twist the screw in place, should be gradually increased force 

symmetry tight.

4. Screw tightened, the first use of mechanical pump vacuum, and then repeated two to four times the

 nitrogen, the kettle air exhausted, and then vacuum, into the hydrogen, open mixing, heating, normal 


5. Reaction completed, stop stirring, the kettle residual hydrogen exhausted, and then access to 

nitrogen, vent, unscrew the screw sampling.

6.5L hydrogenation reactor is not strong acid, the reaction of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric 

acid and other strong acid.

7. Hydrogenation reactor near the ban on the production of sparks, prohibit the operation of wearing 

nail shoes


The autoclave material measuring device contains the γ radiation source, the upper and lower detectors and the detector in the reactor, and then the signal processing part and the control transformation part are connected in turn, and finally the output current is proportional to the upper and lower detectors. Signal to characterize the amount of material in the kettle, which solves the problem of not monitoring the amount of reactor material and continuous production under supercritical conditions. The cutting and recirculating device comprises a pressure pump, an extruding mixing pump and a shearing pump. The squeeze mixing pump comprises an inner tube, an outer tube, a main shaft and a mixing plate, the outer tube and the inner tube form a hollow jacket, Fixedly connected to the inner tube, the spindle fixed with oblique mixing plate; shear pump, including the upper cover, the upper plate, the lower cover and the lower seat plate, with the material of the upper hole and the upper cover fixed connection, And the inlet end of the pressure pump is connected with the bottom of the reaction vessel through the return pipe, and the outlet end of the pressure pump is connected with the outlet end of the pressure pump, and the outlet end of the pressure pump is connected with the lower end of the reactor, The upper part of the extruded mixing pump is connected with the upper part of the extruded mixing pump and the upper cap feed port of the shearing pump. The lower cover of the cutting pump is located at the top of the reactor.


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