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Can I do design on my smart switchable glass
Mar 10, 2018

Now it is 2018.  From the first company Polytron Technologies, Inc who lauched the smart PDLC film firstly), has been more than 10 years history, and the technology became mature,and the price is much acceptable for the market.

Smart switchable film(glass) can turn from opaque to transparent through the remote control, wall switch or the app, and it has been a part of the smart home system, you can control it by any way.

Providing a good solution for the privacy requirement, and ensuring enough light to enter your room and seeing a movie in your room is not a big problem. The smart glass can be a screen when you connect with your projector.

For the company or office, you can have your own logo on the smart glasses which install in your office. We can supply the shape, logo  or some other customized design for you. You can control the glass to  show the patterns you want, it is not only the privacy system, but also it can be a part of your company culture. 

Also you can connect with your projector, the videos, images, your company history can show on the glass also.

Come and joint us! We do hope to be your partner of your company.

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