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Electrically heated mirror or fog free mirror fogless
Mar 20, 2017

By a special conductive heating material sealed in the two layers of polyester film, after the power surface was heated.

Such anti-fog film conductive paste coating or multi-line parallel, even if a point of fracture, does not affect the anti-fog film anti-fog performance. The resistance of the substrate and the heat generating element has a good positive temperature coefficient (PTC) characteristic, and the temperature rise can be appropriately adjusted. Not easy to deformation or break, temperature and humidity, high toughness, do not shrink and so on. Long-term use no power decline, reusable, life of more than 20 years. Size and temperature can be customized.

Heating rupture

Reason 1: close to the fog mirror around the marble, tiles, metal frame and other rigid materials, without gaps. After the lens is heated, there will be no room for expansion and rupture. The direction of the mirror is generally seen from the bottom of the crack.

Recommendation: anti-fog mirror work when the expansion of the phenomenon, the installation of the gap around no less than 2mm.

Cause 2: hole. Anti-fog mirror has a square hole for the installation of an electrical outlet or other electrical panel; a round hole with a diameter greater than 50mm for the installation of wall faucets or other objects; The direction of the mirror is generally from the opening to the surrounding cracking.

Recommendation: To install anti-fog mirrors try to avoid opening holes, or large diameter round holes.

Cut the hole as much as possible when using waterjet cutting.

Power is not hot

Reason 1: anti-fog film power cord with the ground wire error;

Cause 2: Resistance wire is broken; resistance wire is in contact with the power cord

Recommendation 1: can not cut their own, openings, prohibit the strong pull power cord to prevent accidental injury. Remove the base surface of the prominent things, to prevent scratching anti-fog film or lens.

2, placed in a dry and cool place to prevent stress. Before installation, power test to ensure that no damage can be used.

Power mold

Reason 1: the mirror itself mercury layer, rust layer, primer does not meet the standard.

Recommendation: the original film selection is very important, we must use a good lens.

Reason 2: Install the mirror of the silica gel contains corrosive mirror mercury layer of acid and alkali substances. After 1 week of installation of the mirror, the silicone is not dry, giving pungent sour. Recommendation: must use neutral silica gel, disable acid, alkaline silica gel.

Reason 3: back, wall back tide

Principle: anti-fog mirror installed in the power after the anti-fog film to produce heat, the base layer of plastic used in the formaldehyde, dry cement paint layer of silicate heat generated by accelerated decomposition, evaporation, in the mirror around the case of closed , Has been stagnant behind the mirror, corroding the mercury layer of the mirror.

Features: from the mirror began to appear rust, not in the part of the film is easy to appear. Mirror will appear after a few days of power, especially in the hot and humid season,

Recommended: the construction unit in the installation of anti-fog mirror before the proper treatment of the back plate back to the tide; mirror installation is completed, if the edge of the silicone seal, then the upper edge of the anti-fog mirror and on both sides of the gap left, so that air Circulation. To edge, wait for the mirror heating time accumulated more than 10 days and then edge sealing.


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