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Etched glass for interior design
Apr 08, 2017

Etched glass definition 

Etched glass is etched using an etchant (hydrofluoric acid). There is a text or pattern, pattern of etching glass as a decoration, nice, is a commonly used architectural decoration of a glass products.

Etching glass production method editing

The first step: the glass to be engraved; washed and dried, coated with gasoline dissolved in the paraffin solution as a protective layer, in the cured paraffin layer carved out the required text or pattern. Carving, you must carve the paraffin layer, so that the glass exposed [1].

Step 2: Place the hydrofluoric acid on the text or pattern of the exposed glass. According to the depth of the required pattern to control the corrosion time after a certain period of time, with warm water to wash away paraffin and hydrofluoric acid, you can get a beautiful pattern of glass.

eched glass

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