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EVA vacuum heating machine for glass processing
Apr 27, 2017
Characteristic of the finished product:
1 High transparency and well -distributed.
2 Solving the serious gummosis on the edge of the laminated glass, it keeps the best original thickness.
3 The finished products with the color EVA FILM shows the well-distributed of the color.
4 Laminated glass won’t appear spontaneous explosion and spontaneous cracking phenomenon.
Especially the thickness of the laminated glass is less than 3cm, and this is the advantage we have that other machine can’t be achieved.
5 The high transparent EVA FILM for outdoor used we produced applys to acid condition that you won’t worry about glasses would be delaminated.
6 The machine can be used to the production of photoelectric glass, smart glass and and home-electric laminated glass.

operating principle and characteristic:
operating principle:

In the vacuum condition heat the laminated material and glass together until the plastic melt, so they can join together. It also can process silk、paper、 calligraphy and painting、ultraviolet radiation unilateralism film、light adjusted film and so on with glass to produce all kinds of art glass or decorated glass..

① Oven afford horizontally heating, so that quantity of heat is equality in the oven, low heat waste. 
② Vacuum bed is made by high quality silica gel, can use for a long time 
③ Control box is designed concision, process one-set complete, easy to operate.
④ Effective use of space: no restrict by the shape and thickness.
⑤ Save electricity: produce one batch(one floor) in about 2 hours ,consume 15 kilowatt hour
⑥ Without the limitation of the glass shape and thickness, you c
an place the glasses untrammeled within the vacuum bag. Also, you can process multilayer glasses through our technician’s guidance.

1 Glass is a poor conductor of heat. Trying to put the same thickness of the glass into the machine to process but not the different thickness. The heat transfer will be more quickly when the glass is thinner. You can extend the time of high- temperature section so that can be endothermic and plying-up enough.

2 Different thickness of the fabric material must use the different thickness of the EVA FILM when you process. Thin and fine fabric can use the 0.25mm of EVA film.Oppositely, Thick and coarse must use 0.38mm of EVA film.

3 Our EVA film: 70℃ soften,90℃ melt,110℃ molten condition。When the temperature is up to 120℃,keeping 40min, then temperature of the middle of the EVA film can be up to 110℃.

4 Different thickness of the EVA film have different mobility of the warming. The thicker of the EVA film is, mobility will arise. Such as 0.76mm of the EVA film, you can adjust the temperature and time to control to avoid bubble on the edge because of the gummosis when you process.

5 The flatness of the glass has an great influence to the quality of the laminated glass. Bad flatness should use multilayer EVA film to process to ensure teh quality of the lamination. It will broken and generate a lot of bubbles if you use the bad flatness of the glass. Please be careful!

6 Compare to transparency of the PVB, our EVA film may not good enough , but when we 
have advantage in wire glass production that PVB can not compare.

EVA glass laminating

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