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Explosion-proof membrane film for glass
Mar 24, 2017

Structure editing

In general, explosion-proof membrane structure has the following:

1, anti-wear layer: composed of wear-resistant polyurethane, hardness up to 4H;

2, color PET security grass-roots: from high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester and pigment melt extrusion biaxial stretching obtained, because the pigment caught in the PET film inside, to prevent oxidation discoloration, life of up to 8 years;

3, metal insulation layer: in the PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering metal aluminum, silver, nickel and other infrared has a higher reflectivity of the nano-metal layer;

4, composite adhesive: good weather resistance from the high transparency of the polyurethane adhesive composition;

5, UV absorption layer: by a special UV absorber composition, can block 99% of the UV;

6, transparent PET safety base: from high strength, high transparent PET polyester film composition, the purpose is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle to prevent oxidation of metal to extend the life of metal film;

7, the installation of adhesives: good weather resistance from the high transparency of the acrylic adhesive composition;

8, high transparent PET release film.

Performance characteristics

High-grade automotive insulation explosion-proof membrane production process is extremely complex to 3M automotive explosion-proof membrane, for example, its product structure by the polyester film, metal coating, adhesive layer, wear layer, ultra-thin coating and two safety Grass-roots composition of seven layers, each level to achieve the function is different, and its main performance characteristics are:

⑴ metal coating is mainly reflected and blocked infrared and heat generated wavelength, to achieve heat insulation, UV function.

⑵ polyester film and ultra-Pu coating can effectively reduce the glare, one-way perspective, automatically adjust the car light, suitable for any weather changes in yin and yang. Clear vision, driving safety, comfort.

⑶ safety base has a very good impact resistance and tear resistance, to prevent the glass burst.

⑷ wear-resistant layer of super wear-resistant, to prevent the film surface was scratched, to maintain the body beautiful.

⑸ glue layer is a very important level, the whole film and automotive glass is integrated as a whole is through the glue layer. 3M film is a unique patent pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, safety and environmental protection, the construction of the end of a week or so to achieve the best strength. Not only to achieve the comprehensive performance of the membrane, but also can effectively improve the strength and rigidity of automotive glass.

Function editing

Structure function

1, the security base: transparent with a very strong impact resistance, can effectively filter the other side of the high beam glare. Usually said that the anti-glare function, that is, by this layer to complete.

2, the insulation layer: This layer is nickel, chromium and other metal molecules from the control technology evenly distributed, can selectively reflect the sun in the infrared, ultraviolet light back to play the effect of insulation. The insulation performance of the car depends on its ability to reflect and absorb. The stronger the reflection, the stronger the absorption capacity, the higher the heat insulation rate. However, according to the different countries and regions of the law, the general provisions of the car visible light reflectance shall not exceed 10%.

3, color peritoneum: car film now has a variety of colors, the driver can according to their own preferences and the color of the car to choose, and the realization of this function is the color of the peritoneal credit.

4, the UV absorption layer: UV in the sun only 3%, but will cause the items to fade, plastic and rubber pieces of aging. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can also induce human skin cancer. And high-quality car membrane through this layer through the insulation layer of ultraviolet absorption again, not only can effectively prevent the car people are too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation burn the skin, but also to protect the car's sound and other interior will not be Tan bad.

5, transparent layer: This layer is to protect the driver's clear line of sight to ensure safe driving. We recommend that users try not to select the film is too low light, window film, especially the front side of the window of the membrane, should be selected more than 85% of the light is more appropriate. At this point, the side window membrane without digging holes and does not affect the line of sight, driving at night can also be through the security base to the back of the headlights to the mirror in the strong glare reflection weakened, so that the eyes comfortable. In addition, in the rainy night driving, U-turn, reversing can also ensure good sight.

6, PE synthetic fiber layer: This is related to the safety of a very important layer, we talk about the explosion-proof function is through it. The high-quality explosion-proof membrane itself has a strong toughness, the strong glue on the broken glass can be tightly stick together to avoid the accident when the splash of glass fragments of the passengers have secondary damage, and its impact resistance is also very strong The

7, HC wear layer: scratch-resistant car is a basic performance. This layer is very tough, super wear, both to ensure that the normal lift the window, the membrane surface is not scratched to ensure that the vision of the clear, but also to ensure that the glass as long as new.


⑴ create the best beauty. When you envy the beauty of high-grade imported car glass color, the explosion-proof solar film can make this beauty in your car become a reality.

⑵ improve riot performance. Automotive explosion-proof solar film can improve the safety level of the car when the accident occurs, so that the possibility of car glass broken to a minimum, to avoid the accident to the occupants of the injury.

⑶ improve air conditioning efficiency. Automotive explosion-proof solar film insulation rate of up to 50% -95%, effectively reduce the use of automotive air conditioning, fuel savings, improve air conditioning efficiency.

⑷ to resist harmful ultraviolet rays. UV radiation has a bactericidal effect, but also against the human skin, for the occupants, a long ride, the body is basically at rest, this time more easily love to UV damage, causing skin diseases. Sunscreen film can effectively block ultraviolet rays and protect your skin.

⑸ to ensure that the car secret. If you are concerned about the privacy of people, sunscreen solar film one-way perspective for you to block the ordinary eyes.

Working principle editor

Safety explosion-proof membrane, is the use of a high-precision electrolyte sputtering spray method, in the PET (polyethylene benzene / ester) made of transparent strength composite polyester fiber membrane into the metal atomic layer, with high strength Adhesive strength, anti-tension, 160% high elongation, strong acid, alkali resistance, high temperature can also maintain a good physical properties of the state. Through a variety of metal coating containing 99% of the ultraviolet radiation, while blocking the heat of different wavelengths, to block the UV and visible light to bring the heat. While maintaining good light transmittance.

Improve the glass explosion-proof performance is the key to ease the external impact, mainly through two aspects to achieve:

First: make full use of adhesive layer and metal coating to improve the glass rigidity, the impact on the surface decomposition. The ductility and toughness of the metal coating can effectively offset and decompose the impact; even if the glass is broken, the metal material in the film will produce the tensile force and the glue of the adhesive layer to act together to pull the glass fragments, prevent the splash, effectively protect the human body And property security.

Second: through the membrane unique to the sliding between the micro-displacement, ease the role of the glass through the impact of the safety film to form a unique impact resistance, it can be estimated to increase the 5-7 times the glass strength, effective To prevent the impact of external shock caused by broken glass wounding.












Mil transliteration of Mill, also the thickness of the solar film unit, 1.5mil is about 0.036mm, 2.0mil is about equal to 0.051mm.

Performance indicators edit

Visible light transmittance: Visible light (380-780) Percentage of composite layer passing through glass / glass window film.

Visible light reflectance: Visible light (380-780) Percentage of reflection by glass / glass window film composite layer.

Solar penetration: Percentage of solar energy through the glass / glass window film composite layer.

UV light barrier rate: UV (280-400) is reflected by the glass / glass window film composite layer as a percentage.

Solar Reflectivity: The percentage of solar energy reflected by the glass / foil composite layer.

Solar energy absorptivity: Solar energy is absorbed by the glass / foil composite layer as a percentage of absorbed solar energy is able to radiation to both sides of the glass / foil composite layer at the same time, the air flow rate of the side will radiate more energy.

Total Solar Penetration: The sum of the solar energy through the glass / glass window film composite layer and the absorbed solar energy that is absorbed into the interior. The unit of measurement for heat insulation is the amount of heat per square foot per hour (BTU / Hr. / Ft.2, where 1BTU = 262 cards). Transparent glass insulation rate is generally 20 BTU / Hr. / Ft.2.

The total solar reflectivity: the sum of the solar energy that is reflected by the glass / glass window composite layer and the solar energy that is absorbed to the outside.

Shading Coefficient: The total solar transmittance of the glass / glass window film composite layer relative to the glass.

U value: per hour, inside and outside the temperature difference per degree, through the amount of heat per square foot.

According to the use of different performance requirements are not the same, in general, the main indicators of visible light transmittance, visible light reflectivity, heat insulation and UV blocking rate.

Introduction to safety explosion proof membrane

First, the safety explosion proof membrane review

Every year, thousands of people around the world are injured, disabled or dead due to fatal glass fragments flying or falling. Unfortunately, many glass crashes are unpredictable, such as earthquakes, glass blews or horrific explosions. In these cases, the existing building may not have any form of protection to prevent damage to the property of the glass, damage to the occupants and damage to the interior furniture.

The armor film is a multi-layer tough polyester film, a special adhesive on the composite, and then affixed to the inner surface of architectural glass, in the glass to form a "invisible tough barrier" to prevent natural disasters and terror Explosion caused by the destruction of the glass splash, reduce the possibility of personal injury, protect the property, prevent thieves, can upgrade the existing windows to achieve safety regulations, but the cost is low, operation fast.

Second, the safety explosion-proof membrane function and characteristics

Fixed broken glass in the frame, to prevent the glass scatter to prevent the wanton destroyers and thieves to block the harmful ultraviolet light is clear and transparent is not aware of the surface scratch-resistant coating durable.

Third, the safety explosion-proof membrane to solve the problem

To prevent personal injury

Prevent typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters

To prevent smashing windows

To prevent burglary

To prevent the terrorist explosion

To prevent the tempered glass blew

To prevent high-rise glass curtain wall fall

To prevent indoor furniture and floor fade

Buy skills to edit

1, thermal insulation test data (near infrared data 90 or more)

2, the oven (the film on the 500-watt oven, touch the heat by hand)

3, thermometer (high heat insulation and non-insulated temperature difference between 5 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ above)

4, in the sun under the temperature difference between the strong fire (with the skin feel)

5, do not fade

6, no oxidation

7, no shelter electronic equipment (such as GPS and the like)

8, good anti-friction

9, no water ripples

10, must be the whole stickers

Measure points to edit

Measuring whether the professional film installation technology must be in the dust-free film between the construction of the film! In addition, there is no need for any special defects and debris particles. Clean room is not just a closed glass door with the outside, the internal should be equipped with water spray sprinkler and air conditioning to achieve the role of air dust, the ground has drainage trench and special paint, and further play the role of dust.

Indoor with a dedicated table and items placed neatly, clean uniform. In this way the construction environment of the paste effect, not the street open-air operations can.

Whether or not professional tools such as iron squeeze shovels can not squeeze the water clean, leaving blisters, bubbles, more likely to scratch the film; carbon steel blade may be Scratched high-grade car glass ... ... non-professional shop usually use domestic or homemade non-professional tools, rough materials, blurred functions, often a multi-purpose. Professional foil tools are mostly imported from the United States, the classification is clear, look fine, easy to identify.

(1) in the film should not exist defects and debris, the membrane surface can not have crease bubbles scratched; gathered in the membrane of the stains, defects (Figure), the quality of the film, And debris is a sign of low quality installation. ⑵ at the top of the window under the shaking, should only leave 1-2mm micro gap, to rough observation is not easy to find is appropriate. ⑶ should cover the glass frame of the black glaze area, no light, not Alice, beautiful coordination. ⑷ should not exist due to squeeze the water force is not uniform and squeeze the water path irregular and produce visual ghosting, water marks.

Measure the car foil technology is professional points four installation technology - professional film division should be through the manufacturer of technical training (the store should be training certificate hanging), paste the front and rear glass should be used throughout the paving and dry heat setting process, The film should be maximized to the edge of the glass window, etc. ... ... non-professional installation teacher paste before and after the file, the car glass sprayed on the film after it, and then use the hot gun plastic surgery, which may produce excessive heat on the glass Stress and uneven heating, resulting in the day after the film or film the risk of broken glass.

Measure whether the car foil technology is professional Five points when the installation of protective measures - professional installation should take protective measures: to prevent the installation process scratches the paint, damage the car decorations, resulting in car electrical and audio due to damp and short circuit failure; Due to installation of the window film and the seat of moisture damage, dashboard surface accidentally scratched or due to moisture and failure.

Measure the car film technology is professional points six whether the special chemical potions - professional automotive membrane should use a special foil cleaning fluid and installation solution, and pure water against the dilute, so that the film and glass to achieve maximum bonding strength, does not cause Alice, off Layer defects, to achieve long-term quality assurance effect. Non-professional stores are using household cleaning, ordinary soap and tap water, it is impossible to provide professional installation and warranty period.

Distinguish edits

How to distinguish

1, clarity: high-quality membrane transmittance can be as high as 90%, and regardless of the color depth, the night can clearly see items other than 6 meters, and poor quality film will be misty feeling.

2, feel: genuine film feels a smooth sense of smooth, and poor quality film thin and brittle, easy to wrinkle.

3, color: high-quality film pigment is evenly fused in the film, durable, easy to change color. And the color of the poor film in the adhesive from the adhesive, tearing the car after the liner with a nail scratch, the color fell.

4, taste: poor quality film layer of residual solvent in the stupid content is high, smell, will seriously endanger the health of the owners.

5, the bubble: tearing the car after the plastic lining, and then re-compound, the poor film will blister, and high-quality film composite intact as ever

6, shelf life: the general production of the film manufacturers have a longer quality guarantee period, usually 5 years.

7, foil environment: the formal film operation should be carried out in a closed dust-free film workshop, and the construction staff must be branded professional and technical training and certification.

Identify true and false

In the election process, should be used on traditional Chinese medicine, "look, smell, ask, cut, the way, a detailed understanding of the product.

◆ a look color

Usually, the explosion-proof membrane are selected lighter green, sky blue, gray, brown, natural color and so on the eyes more comfortable colors. And the use of metal sputtering process, the nickel, silver, titanium and other senior metal coated on the natural film, how to use will not appear fade, fade phenomenon. From the appearance point of view, the real explosion-proof film color uniform soft, no wave depth uneven uneven color, looking out from the car to see the natural landscape does not change color. The ordinary color film is the color directly into the film, tearing the upper plastic paper, forced scraping paste, there will be color off. In addition, the ordinary film holding the ground gently wipe, there will be fading phenomenon.

◆ Second smell of taste

In general, the inferior layer of the film residual solvent, benzene content is high, there will be odor, and good film in the factory, has been a professional treatment, smell less. Experts remind that a long time smell this smell, will seriously affect the owner's health.

◆ three asked indicators

The so-called explosion-proof membrane, must have insulation, explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet and other effects. Therefore, the consumer in the choice, you can consult the sales staff in detail the relevant circumstances, so as to determine the quality of true and false and good or bad.

According to the general standard, explosion-proof membrane insulation rate should reach about 90%, UV blocking rate is generally not less than 98%, high-grade not less than 99%. And transparency, high-quality film of its light up to 90%, and regardless of the color depth, clarity is very high, consumers in the selection of time, you can through the explosion-proof membrane Yuanwang, poor product effect is very vague. In the explosion-proof performance, high-quality explosion-proof membrane, by a special polyester film as the substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness, under normal use, can protect the membrane surface is not easy to be scratched, And not splash wounding. Shelf life, the regular manufacturers have a longer film quality assurance period, usually 5 years.

◆ four hand feel

In general, the safety explosion-proof film thickness of not less than 2.5mm, so feel up, feel thick and smooth. In addition, since the surface thereof is hardened, the surface is not scratched. The ordinary color film due to the thickness is not enough, feel thin and brittle, in the process of shaking the glass, it will leave a trace on the membrane.

Distinguish editors

Distinguish the quality of explosion-proof membrane:

1, clear performance

This is the most important performance of the car membrane, any other performance must be its main, because the clear performance is directly related to personal safety, regardless of the color of the film deep, reversing at night, should be clear and vague vision, from the rearview mirror And the rear windshield to 60m within the object, and poor quality film to pick up, there will be fog Meng Meng feeling.

2, heat insulation rate

Insulation rate is an important indicator of insulation performance, the current high-quality explosion-proof membrane insulation rate of 50- or more, (up to more than 70%), high light transmission, high insulation, can improve comfort, Air conditioning load, saving fuel.

3, explosion-proof

Explosion is in the car accident, will not produce glass splash and cause personal injury, which is an important performance of the car film, when the diaphragm to meet the explosion requirements, the thinner the better, the thinner the film, clarity The higher the higher.

4, UV blocking rate

For the explosion-proof membrane, the UV-blocking rate of basic performance must reach more than 98%, good film can effectively prevent the young people were exposed to excessive ultraviolet radiation, burn the skin, now, but also Yin car audio and other decoration will not be bad sun, fade Aging, and poor quality membrane without this indicator, or far below the 98% standard.

5, color

Explosion-proof membrane is usually the use of bulk osmosis of the sputtering of the metal method to make the film color, pure sputtering metal film has a metallic color called natural color, the use of these two methods of coloring the film is not easy to fade, especially natural color Of the film, but the market a lot of low-grade low-quality film, mostly using viscose method to color, that is, in the glue by adding pigments, and then painted on the colorless transparent film to make the film color, this film is not easy Fade, severe punishment will fade into colorless and transparent.

6, glue and granule bubble

Glue is the thinner the better, because the glue will be aging, the thicker the aging layer, the faster the film will affect the life of the membrane, more importantly, will affect the film's clear performance, so high-quality film are very thin.

Particle bubbles are due to the floating dust in the air, there is a film process is inevitable, thick glue layer, the film can be pressed into the glue when the dust, so the particles are not obvious, high-quality glue layer is very thin, Particle bubble is more obvious, this is also an important way to distinguish between good and bad diaphragms.

7, anti-glare

Anti-glare is in the face of the sun driving, or at night will be the car, you can eliminate the feeling of assassination eye, which the car film, this performance is also very important.

8, the film surface scratch layer (and grinding protective layer)

High-quality high-end film surface has a layer of scratch layer, under normal use can protect the membrane surface is not easy to be scratched, and low-grade film without this protective layer, the film will be a tool to scratch a road scratches, so that the film The face is not clear.

Maintenance editor

According to experts, in general, paste finished film within two days, do not lift the window. It is necessary to attach the solar film to the window for 5-7 days. During this period, do not clean or wipe the solar film so that the film does not have a complete bond. If you accidentally let the film loose in the car wash, you should return to the film store so that professionals re-fixed to ensure the effectiveness and durability.

In order to extend the life of the solar film to ensure its transmittance, the owner should also pay attention not to use sharp, rough weapon wiping the sun film. When washing, try to wipe the membrane with a soft cloth such as wet towels. Self-cleaning to avoid the use of corrosive chemical solvents, so as not to harm the sun film. Experts suggest that everyone after the film, or try not to paste directly on the windows, hanging things. So as to avoid pulling the gap when the sucker and the adhesive are pulled up

Construction skill editor

The first cover of the glass around the glass because of the pursuit of beauty, each have a gradual network, it is prominent particles, poor technology of the film division, usually not covered, so as to avoid failure, loss of the entire film.

The second shape

So that the explosion-proof film Elegant bending glass, especially before and after the block, must be baked, baking process to spray, if the technical bad, repeated a cold one will cause the glass embrittlement, sometimes not on the spot rupture, When left, encountered potholes of the shock, it will immediately rupture, the owner encountered this situation will be no complaints.

Third protective measures

One of the protection: the explosion-proof film darling process needs a lot of water in the car glass to facilitate accurate paste, not to the protection, the water is easy to flow into the dashboard or door, resulting in electronic components failure;

Protection of the second: the film process the most avoid dust, and dust and omnipresence, especially in the car, professional spray system and professional chair cover pad is to protect the dust to the lowest equipment;

Protection of the three: each car models vary, cutting the explosion-proof membrane in the glass is the most convenient, but the technology is poor, cutting too heavy will scratch the glass, too light is cut, and careless film teacher with a knife into and out of the car easy Scratched leather chairs, ceilings, resulting in irreparable regrets.

Four indicators editor

High-quality insulation film with anti-corrosion metal oxide layer, which can effectively block the sun heat and glare glare, protect the car interior parts and skin from harmful UV damage, unique explosion-proof process, to prevent external impact caused by the window glass Splash, it is also known as thermal explosion-proof membrane, is now the first choice for the owner of the film. Owners choose insulation film, the following four important indicators can be used as a basis for identifying the membrane quality.

1, heat insulation: the car membrane through the reflection of visible light and absorb infrared heat to achieve the role of blocking heat, the general quality of the insulation film insulation rate of 40% to 70%.

2, UV blocking rate: the general thermal explosion-proof membrane UV blocking rate of only 40%, and high-quality thermal explosion-proof membrane because of its deep filling of UV absorbers, the indicator is not less than 98%, up to 99%.

3, visible light transmittance: the market explosion-proof membrane of visible light transmittance between 5% to 75%, too low light transmission will hinder driving sight, especially the front windshield light transmission rate must reach the Ministry of Public Security Traffic safety regulations require 70%, otherwise it will seriously affect traffic safety.


For the insulation explosion-proof membrane has no exact national standards, but the basic reference to the following standards

Front punch

1, the whole installation, not stitching

2, the visual range without bubbles, creases and light band

3, observed by the sides of the glass, the installation of the liquid must be clean

4, sitting in the driving position, through the front to see the car outside the scene there is no blur, color phenomenon

5, thermal insulation film edge line should be paste intact, no edge phenomenon

6, thermal explosion-proof membrane and the glass on the small black spots connected to see the front windshield glass outside the presence of strong reflective phenomenon, check whether the smooth, with or without obvious bump feeling

Side window film

1, check every glass on both sides of the obvious light leakage phenomenon

2, observed by the sides of the glass, the installation must be clean clean

3, observe whether the edge of the edge of the window with the film edge of the basic parallel to keep the knife line is smooth

4, with or without bubbles, creases


Check the bottom of the insulation along the explosion-proof membrane bonding, there should be no installation of liquid remaining between the membrane and glass, can not have dense sand and bubbles.

Review editor


In the event of a storm when the explosion-proof membrane has a high security value. They can reduce the possibility of flying broken glass damage, but also to prevent the debris, water through the windows into the room, as to can see the severity of the storm, the type of glass, the frame is solid, the size of the fragment speed and Many factors.

In the earthquake, these films can also reduce the possibility of flying broken glass wounding, may also prevent the glass flying outdoors. The same in the end can not see the earthquake crack, the type of glass, frame fastness and many other factors.

World Window Film Association provides that any manufacturer and dealer in the promotion of its product role, can not "window film with anti-bullet attack ... ...", "bulletproof film ... ...", "fire film ... ..." and other words. Because the real role of bulletproof is the common effect of glass and film, and in a certain condition under the preventive effect. Any extreme description will mislead the customer, resulting in adverse consequences and losses.

As for the anti-theft function, is attached to the super safety explosion-proof membrane (4mil), you can delay the theft or to prevent the theft of the act, the general theft operations in 1 to 5 minutes to complete, and posted a safe explosion-proof glass is not easy to hit the glass Open or unload and easily into the room, thus increasing the safety. Therefore, safe explosion-proof membrane commonly used in gold shops, museums, counters, homes, important buildings and other places.

National standard

"Safety conditions for motor vehicle operation". Article 11 stipulates that the motor vehicle cab must ensure that the front sight and side view, the front windshield and the glass outside the window are not allowed to exceed less than 70% of the visible light transmission of the driver's viewing area. All windows are not allowed to post reflective sunscreen. All taxis and private cars are subject to this provision. This provision also protects the owner driving safety, but also to the owner of a standard to choose explosion-proof membrane.

GB7258-2004 promulgated in 2004, "the technical conditions for the safety of motor vehicle operation" clearly stipulates: "motor vehicle cab must ensure that the driver's front vision and side view, front windshield and window outside the glass for driving The visible light transmittance of the viewing area is not allowed to be less than 70%. All windows are not allowed to be attached to the mirror.

Therefore, the explosion-proof membrane manufacturers are in this bill came out after the introduction of 70 with the name of the model, its meaning to more than 70% of the explosion-proof membrane model. (Such as: Granville V70, Bekaert LX70, 3M Jingrui 70, the world's window film Legend70 (Legend 70), Johnson & Johnson IR70, Dragon film AVS70, amber optical C70 (both for the front block)).

However, not all manufacturers do this, some manufacturers still use the previous model has been used to expand the name (such as the United States, Ray Ban, etc.).

However, the significance of these 70 is visible light transmittance, does not mean that the infrared blocking rate of 70% (infrared blocking rate does not represent the total energy barrier rate). So the owners in the purchase of the time must pay attention to, and each explosion-proof membrane to achieve different ways to block the heat, there are absorption type, reflective. For this identification can be used in the store on the showcase using infrared light on the sample irradiation, 5 minutes after the film feel the temperature, the temperature is high heat absorption, low is the reflective type.

Note that some businesses may use high-definition side of the film as the front of the film sold to the owner, the owner can understand the full online after the purchase, so that they have to grasp, but also have confidence is not fooled.

Now the film are concerned about the light transmission rate of 70% or more, this is the safety of the owners of a security, because the high transmittance, the cost of investment are relatively high, so the general side block will not have such a high light Rate, so we can observe the business to provide film transmittance, if less than 70%, it is likely that the side of the film, even if not, in order to traffic safety, the owner is best 


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