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Extra clear glass mildew power
Apr 02, 2017


The product is mainly composed of coconut shell powder by physical and chemical modification, the main role is to effectively delay the glass mold, to prevent glass scratches, for ultra-white glass high sodium easy moldy design, this product was brown powder , It is evenly sprayed on the surface of ultra-white glass, can effectively slow down the mold mold, and to prevent the glass surface scratches.


1, this product is strong acid mildew powder, mildew effect is good;

2, the product using slow release technology, mildew for a long time;

3, the goods using coconut shell powder base, easy to degrade, the use of safety;

4, the goods clean and good, to adapt to the long-term preservation of glass.


1, prohibit the use of recycled powder, or the powder and other powder mixed use;

 2, the use of a small amount of dust is a normal phenomenon;

3, open the small package, should be used in 24 hours; wet weather, should be appropriate to reduce the exposure time;

4, if the anti-mildew powder added to the powder machine within 24 hours after the unused, you need to clean the powder powder after the powder and then re-use;

 5, is strictly prohibited in the use of fire when the fire. For details, please refer to the "Safety Instructions for the Use of Glass Antifouling Powder" (MSDS)


Use and requirements:

 1, powder requirements: 0.5 to 0.8g per square glass, spray evenly;

 2, dusting temperature: spilled glass surface temperature requirements of less than 70 ° C;

 3, glass storage environment requirements: 50 ° C below the relative humidity of not more than 85%;

4, such as products damp, agglomeration, you can not directly use;

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