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Fire-proof glass
Mar 08, 2017

There are five kinds of fireproof glass, one is the laminated fireproof glass, the second is folder silk 

fire glass, the third is a special fire glass, the fourth is hollow fire glass, the fifth is high-strength 

single-layer cesium potassium fire glass.

By product category

Fireproof glass is a kind of special glass which can maintain its integrity in the specified fire test. 

It is divided into three categories according to the product type:

Class A

At the same time to meet the fire integrity, fire insulation requirements of the fire glass. Including 

composite fire glass and perfusion type fire glass two. This kind of glass has light transmission,

 fire (smoke, fire, shielding heat radiation), sound insulation, impact resistance, suitable for building 

decoration steel wood fire doors, windows, bright, partition wall, lighting roof, Walls, perspective 

floors and other building components that require both transparent and fireproofing.

Class B

At the same time to meet the fire integrity, thermal radiation strength requirements of the fire glass.

 This type of fireproof glass is mostly composite fire glass with light, fire, smoke characteristics.

Class C

Only to meet the requirements of the fire integrity of the monolithic fire glass. Such glass has a light

 transmission, fire, smoke, high strength. Applicable to no insulation requirements of the fire glass

 partition wall, fire window, outdoor curtain wall and so on.

According to the structure type points

Divided into fire-resistant laminated glass, thin-coated fire-resistant glass, monolithic fire glass and 

fire folder silk. One of the fire-resistant laminated glass according to the characteristics of the 

production process can be divided into composite fire glass and perfusion fire glass.

According to the fire limit

According to the fire limit 5 levels: 0.5h, 1.00h, 1.50h, 2.00h, 3.00h.

According to the fire performance points

Insulation type fireproof glass (class A) and non-insulated fireproof glass (class C), some insulated 

fireproof glass (class B).

Divided by structure

Fireproof glass is divided into composite fire glass (perfusion type and compound type, grouting

 fireproof glass insulation performance is good, composite fireproof glass fire performance is good.) 

With monolithic fireproof glass.


By two or more layers of glass with a layer of layers or layers of water-soluble inorganic fire adhesive 

laminated composite made of.

Fire principle: the fire, the fire surface of the glass after the case of high temperature quickly burst, the

 fire adhesive layer of foam expansion expansion of about ten times, the formation of a hard milky 

white bubble plastic sheet, effectively blocking the flame, isolated high temperature and harmful gas.

 Finished products can be edged, perforated, modified feet cut.

Applicable to the outer window, outside the curtain wall, the design should consider the combination

 of fire glass and PVB laminated glass. Scope: Building rooms, corridors, corridors of fire doors and 

windows and fire partitions and important parts of the fire wall.


Monolithic fireproof glass is a single layer of glass structure of fire glass. In a certain period of time 

to maintain the integrity of the fire, blocking the fire surface of the fire and toxic, harmful gases, 

but do not have insulation effect.

Applicable to the external walls, outdoor windows, lighting roof, smoke vertical wall, fire glass 

frameless door, and no insulation requirements of the partition wall.

Perfusion type

By the two glass of the original film (special needs can also be used three glass original film), 

surrounded by a special flame retardant tape seal. The middle of the perfusion of glue, after curing 

for the transparent jelly and glass bonded into one.

Fire principle: After the case of high temperature, the middle of the glass transparent jelly-like fire 

adhesive layer will quickly induration, forming an opaque fire insulation board. In the flame to prevent 

the spread of the same time, but also to prevent high temperature to the back surface conduction. 

This type of fire glass not only has a fire insulation performance, and sound effects outstanding. 

Can be machined into an arc.

Applicable to fire doors and windows, building patio, atrium, shared space, computer room fire 

partition wall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The glass is surrounded by a black sealed border for the surrounding stripes.

 For unobstructed positive and noodles, consult the manufacturer beforehand and ask for reasonable 



Borosilicate fire glass: borosilicate glass thermal expansion coefficient is low, good thermal shock, 

is a use of a more extensive fire glass.

Borosilicate fire glass chemical composition is generally SiO2 content of 68% 78%, B2O3 content of 

10% to 13%, Al2O3 content of 2% to 4%, R2O content of 4% to 8%.

Since the domestic single-chip fire glass production since the fire glass has been more widely used, 

but the use of a few points must pay attention to:

1. Before the choice of fire glass, the first clear by the fire-resistant glass components of the 

fire-resistant components of the specific requirements, fire, heat or smoke, fire limit requirements.

2. Monolithic and composite perfusion type fireproof glass can not be cut with a glass knife like 

ordinary flat glass, must be ruled, but composite (dry) fire glass can meet the requirements of cutting.

fire-proof glass

fire-proof glass

3. In addition to considering the fireproof durability of the glass, the supporting structure and the 

elements must also meet the requirements of fire resistance.

Monolithic cesium potassium fire glass, through special chemical treatment at high temperature for

 more than 20 hours ion exchange, replacing the glass surface of the metal sodium, the formation of 

chemical steel stress; at the same time through the physical treatment, the glass surface to form

high-strength compressive stress , Greatly improving the impact strength, when the glass is broken 

when the small particles state, reduce the harm to the human body! Monolithic cesium potassium fire 

glass is the strength of ordinary glass 6-12 times, is tempered glass 1.5-3 times.

China's building code requirements, all installed in the fire requirements of the partition on the 

product should be the location of the provincial fire brigade sampling sent to the state designated

 fire detection center (ie, Sichuan and Tianjin, two national fire building materials quality supervision 

and inspection center any One) to test, must meet the regulatory requirements, and obtain the

 inspection reports issued by these institutions can be sold!

Monolithic cesium potassium fire glass fire test according to the current national standards, the test

 in line with the People's Republic of China national standard GB15763.1-2001 "building safety glass 

fire glass" standard products.

The advantage of monolithic cesium-potassium fire-resistant glass is that it is not so much the 

temperature it can work with, but it is capable of resisting the rapid changes in heat shock and 

temperature, depending on the specific heat capacity of the glass (which can affect the rate of temperature rise) , Thermal conductivity (heat through the glass rate and distribution) and thermal expansion, while single-chip cesium potassium fire glass can withstand 300 ℃ to cold water quenching!

The thermal conductivity of monolithic cesium potassium fire glass is 1.13W / M ℃

Monolithic cesium potassium fire glass thermal expansion rate: (8.5-9.5) * 10-6 / ℃, and the same as 

the original glass

Water resistance in line with: ISO719-HGB, ISO720-HGA standard

Acid resistance: ISO1776 standard

Alkali compliance: ISO695-A standard

Monolithic cesium potassium fire glass compared with the traditional grouting fire glass, in addition 

to high strength, easy to install, the biggest feature is the high weather resistance! Chemical grouting 

fire glass in addition to the production process prone to bubbles, the role of ultraviolet radiation and

 flame quickly become milky white, lost the basic function of the glass permeability, which can not

 observe the fire situation! Monolithic cesium potassium fire glass in the role of ultraviolet light and

 flame still remain transparent, without any changes!


Fireproof glass as a new building fire protection products are used by more and more buildings, but

 the design inspection of such products has no special specifications and standards. I believe that the 

design should pay attention to the following three aspects:

1. The use of fire glass to the curtain wall and cut off the design is not simply the curtain wall or cut 

off the non-fire resistance of the material used to switch to refractory material can be, but not the 

ordinary glass into fire glass on all things, but to Think of it as a fire protection system.

2. Fireproof glass curtain wall and cut off to achieve the level of fire resistance, the need to consider 

the various factors of the entire system to determine the level of fire, subjective speculation may make

 mistakes, if necessary, need to do testing to determine the test.

3. When designing fireproof glass, pay attention to the correspondence between the size of the glass

 plate and the fire resistance grade.

Fire stove

Mainly used for testing the performance of fire glass, furnace temperature detector, can be heated

 to 999c


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