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Fused glass
Apr 08, 2017

Fused glass with its unique decorative effect of the industry's focus. Hot-melt glass across the existing glass form, full of designers and processors to play the artistic concept, it is modern or classical art form into the glass, so that the production of a variety of flat glass bumps, different colors of art Glass.

To the plate glass and inorganic pigments as the main raw material, set a specific heating process and annealing curve, heated to the glass softening point above the molding process by special molding and annealing, if necessary, and then engraving, drilling , Repair and other processes after processing.

In the decoration and decoration is currently hot-melt glass tiles, doors and windows with hot-melt glass, large wall embedded in glass, cut off the glass, one bathroom glass washbasin, finished mirror frame, glass art, etc .; in the glassware, especially hotel supplies Glass chopsticks, glass chopsticks, glass saucer, glass puddle, glass chopsticks, glass sushi plate, glass sushi plate, glass fruit plate, glass Su Fei dish, glass bone dish, glass towel care, glass chopsticks, glass snack dish, glass soap dish, glass ashtray, Glass tray, glass bowl, glass seasoning dish, glass tissue box, glass combination disc, glass tray, etc .; hot-melt glass range of application because of its unique glass material and artistic effect is very wide.

fused glass

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