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Glass edging machinery
May 18, 2017

Milling machine classification: metal belt milling machine, glass milling machine (glasses milling machine), stone milling machine, porcelain grinding machine.

Metal belt milling machine

Main function: For the metal belt double angle grinding grinding processing.

Applicable materials: stainless steel, copper tape and other metal coil.

Glass edging machine

Main function: Grinding and polishing for glass corners.

Main features: grinding a variety of round edge, straight edge, duck mouth and other special-shaped side, and not the shape of the glass and other long and wide size and other size restrictions.

Equipment advantages: set coarse grinding, grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes from a processing, the use of inverter speed, adjustable range, variable speed smooth; in the grinding process can be adjusted feed speed and feed The Also has a small size, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation and so on.

Stone edging machine

Main functions: for marble, granite and other grinding and polishing processing. Can also be used for tombstone, step stone grinding and polishing.

Main features: The use of variable speed motor, motor chassis, disc, spindle, flexible rubber coupling assembled together to become a grinding head, armrest, ring lever, guide rod, guide sleeve, counterweight and fulcrum hinge to form a balance Leveraged suspension system. Grinding head mounted on the suspension system, the grinding head can move up and down as a whole, between the disc and the spindle with a special structure of the rubber coupling, cooling system for a ring water jacket.

Equipment advantages: the use of replacement disc method can be completed by grinding mill semi-fine grinding and polishing all the operations

Edging machine safety procedures

1. Check the equipment before starting, must be in a normal state.

2. The operator must wear gloves and masks or dustproof appliances. Work area doors and windows to close well, so as not to escape the silicon dust. Ventilation and dust removal devices must be in good condition.

3. Check before work Note:

(1) wheel compression nuts shall not be loose;

(2) the grinding wheel shall not have a crack gap;

(3) safety cover is fully equipped and reliable;

(4) before and after the upper and lower drive handle flexible operation, no noise when running.

4. When the steel plate grinding to strictly control the adjustment of the size of the wheel, the amount of grinding should not be too large, so as not to cause steel plate wear and grinding wheel rupture.

5. Grinding plate, such as failure, such as steel stuck, should immediately close the main switch, after the steel plate removed.

6. Production at any time to pay attention to check whether the motor heating and operation is not normal.

7. Stacked steel plate (especially cold-rolled plate and oil plate) attention neatly, not skewed, not higher than 1.2 meters and collision with each other, so as not to slip and hurt.

8. Feeding and transporting steel plate to stabilize, put, not litter, so as not to hurt.

9. Ventilation and dust removal device failure, should stop working or take measures.

10. Work is completed, close the door, do cleaning work.


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