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How to install self-adhesive smart film for the existing tempered glass?
May 05, 2017

Self Adhesive Smart Switchable Film Installation Guide

Tools required
- Self adhesive smart switchable film
- Clean paper
- Soft cloth
- Wires
- Plastic scraper / roller
- Wire cutters / scissors
- Plastic cover / clear tape
Please note
- The self adhesive film is a dry install application. Make sure there is no water on
the glass surface.
- We recommend the outer dimensions of the self adhesive film are 2 - 3 mm
shorter than the visual area of the glass.
- The bus bar should never come into contact with any metal frame or other
conductive materials.
1. Clean the tempered/float glass with a soft dry cloth until the surface is completely clean. And to
make sure the surface is dry, you might use IPA while cleaning.
2. Peel the protective cover (there is one side with stickiness) and stick the film on
the glass. It would be a same way as you stick the guard film for you mobile
phone or ipad.
3. And please note the bus bar should never come into contact with any metal
frame or trim. You could use a plastic cover to prevent the bus bar edge exposed.
4. At last we advise using a cover trim (clear tape is also available) on all the four
edges of the film and clean it with IPA and soft cloth.

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