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how to install smart switchable glass
May 08, 2017

First, the goods received, the first time to check the box outside the packaging, with or without

 deformation, extrusion damage, soaking traces of water, found that there is a need for timely contact

 with the shipper.

Wall thickness: conventional indoor wall 26mm 33mm 54mm 85mm 100mm

Plate Specifications:

1, double glass double steel 13mm 11mm 17mm, we recommend customers to use 13 mm double clip, 

the power lead is generally in the dimmer glass short side, length 50 mm, concealed traces;

2, the conventional height of 2400-3300mm or less, a piece to the top or hierarchical to the top;

3, the conventional width of 1300mm-1500mm, glass available aluminum column, I-type acrylic tape, 

double-sided tape connection;

4, the customer should be installed in the installation site at the end of the stent, dimming glass

 between the patchwork in accordance with the national curtain wall glass standard, (4-6 mm reserved)

Second, the framework of the type of structure: We recommend the use of high-quality aluminum

 alloy profiles, snap-type assembly, no exposed screws; according to the site environment to set the

 wire alignment position (double-double steel double-glass dimmer, edging edge) Pre-designed use 

of dimming glass as a space cut off, the owners, construction side, material suppliers to fully 

communicate and provide installation and assembly drawings, in the parties after the agreement can be admitted to the construction.

Conventional frame structure type:

Glass frame glass partition, steel frame glass partition, steel frame glass partition, wood keel glass 

partition, steel frame glass partition, steel and aluminum frame glass partition, steel wood frame glass

 partition, frameless glass partition;

Conventional frame size:

26 glass partition, 50 glass partition, 80 glass partition, 85 glass partition, 100 glass partition, custom 

special specifications, such as the framework;

Orbital form:

Fixed glass partition, moving glass partition, folding glass partition, we recommend the use of a fixed 

glass partition;

Surface color: anodized electrophoresis spray fluorocarbon wood grain transfer drawing

Sound insulation: 56dB or so;

Clean: the surface can be wiped with a soft towel dipped in water

Advantages: soundproof, anti-theft, alternative to traditional curtains, with wind pressure, cold and 

heat, impact, etc., so more secure, fast and durable, and the glass after breaking the human body damage much smaller than ordinary glass.

Decoration process, the glass surface of the protective film please do not open,

Not through the factory installation staff professional guidance, not an external power supply

 debugging.  Keep the construction site clean, glass around the ban on the accumulation of other construction waste or materials

Keep the glass vertically and equilibrated, stitching the glass to ensure that both are on the same plane;

Must be used dimmable glass manufacturers supporting the necessary adhesive package;

1, the layout is simple, reasonable structure, elegant appearance generous.

2, easy to install, easy to disassemble and secondary re-use.

3, good material, excellent quality, fine workmanship, with at least 5 years of quality assurance.

4, weak engineering supporting the installation, pay attention to the rational installation of integrated 

wiring system can be done at any time line maintenance, safety, convenience, beautiful, with a strong 


5, safe and environmentally friendly: the use of green materials, no glue, no paint, no smell, fire, 

moisture, earthquake, no deformation, give you a healthy and comfortable office space.

6, simple and quick: factory prefabricated, fast assembly site. Free to add, move rectification, 100% 

re-use, shorten your construction cycle, quickly stay in the new office.

7, flexible and diverse: double safety glass, free dimming, disposable dust-proof design. A variety of

 materials and color personality with, so you creative unlimited, personality belongs to you only.

8, full-featured: can be installed wall switch, power can be incorporated into the wall, easy disassembly 

and maintenance, your space you call the shots, the use of handy. Original design, beautiful and 

practical, to achieve your unlimited imagination, so that your office space infinite.

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