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Laminating glass overlap and processing skills
Mar 24, 2017

EVA laminated glass film is one of the main materials for making safety laminated glass and tempered glass, can successfully produce qualified laminated glass products, and equipment (plastic box), production technology, glass and accessories, environmental climate Conditions, the staff of the operating skills and work responsibility and many other factors are closely related to the quality of the film is only one of the constraints. Therefore, do safety laminated glass, should learn to analyze the comprehensive factors, master the comprehensive production skills.

一, the film storage

EVA plastic film is usually required to store in a ventilated, dry, clean independent warehouse, to avoid direct sunlight, heat radiation, to prevent rain, heavy pressure and external force collision and scratches, warehouse temperature control below 35 ℃, humidity Easy to more than 60%, in the film stock is large, should be in the film at the bottom of the paving tray, or in order to ventilated heat and moisture-proof; film compression or excessive moisture, there will be varying degrees of self-adhesive phenomenon or film surface yellowing red , Affecting the normal use. After the use of the remaining film to be repackaged with a clean material to prevent the film itself with a slight electrostatic adsorption of dust and pollution of the film, affecting the normal use.

二, The use of film

Because of the particularity and irresistibility of the film itself, it is recommended that the user try to make a glass sample (try to change the sample area of not less than 0.5m²) before using each batch of film, and confirm the quality and hue identification. And then put into mass production, in order to prevent the film and the goods do not match the sample caused by major scrapped; if a batch in the use of a large number of varieties of film (especially color film), should also be in the production process, Regularly do a good job on the finished glass to be compared to see if there is a quality error (especially the hue on the error) to prevent the bulk of the scrapped. For color film, we do not advocate the use of the same order before and after the two different batches (and the interval is longer) of the same film, which can easily lead to color errors.

In the production of film is to be cleaned or wiped in advance of the original piece of glass to do the inspection, glass cleaning agent to the water often replaced. Glass on the water track, when the pieces of kerosene or trace of water vapor must be wiped clean (the best unit to use the dryer), or make the plastic glass and then a certain period of time prone to bubbles, degumming phenomenon, It is recommended that customers try to avoid the humidity of the larger rain for production.

Film in the production or use of the process will inevitably be subject to mild pollution, such as membrane surface with trace impurities. It is advisable to install a set of fluorescent tubes under a tablet to clarify more clearly whether there are impurities, stains and other imprints on the film surface. Such as the film found that there are individual impurities, black spots can be used to pick out the tip, transparent film if the hole is not more than half a grain of rice, it does not affect the normal use; if the film used in the process of film found that the surface impurity black spots more , Should immediately stop using, and promptly notify the company to make the appropriate treatment, blind production will inevitably lead to both supply and demand unnecessary waste.

When using intermediate materials (such as non-woven cotton, paper prints, wood fiber, etc.) in the process of making silk or tempered glass, the characteristics of these intermediate materials should be carefully understood in advance because some of the intermediate materials are surface-printed Layer of EVA film bonding results have adverse reactions. Therefore, be sure to do the necessary test detection and aging treatment, do not blindly produce. At the same time, it is recommended that these materials be subjected to an appropriate amount of drying in advance to eliminate the trace moisture contained in these materials. Practice has proved that the use of moisture in the middle of the material made of laminated glass, placed for some time, prone to a small amount of local bubble degumming phenomenon.

Laminated glass is the use of "high temperature and pressure at the same time the role of" the principle of production and processing, therefore, under a certain temperature, the solid film will become a flowable melt, under the pressure of the pressure out of the glass And the glass around the mouth of the film is most easy to flow out and reduce the thickness of the film in the cooling shrinkage is easy to run around the glass in the local bubble (degumming) phenomenon. It is recommended that users use the "wood around the Wai Wai" processing technology for production (wood thickness and laminated glass thickness of the same, do not exceed the glass thickness), this is mainly to reduce the glass in the production of the surrounding pressure, Outflowing.

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