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Non-slip glass
May 08, 2017


1, non-slip: anti-skid glass surface of the non-slip layer with a high coefficient of friction for the anti-skid glass floor, anti-skid performance provides a guarantee, you can walk without slipping.

2, transparent: anti-skid after the glass floor is still transparent to maintain the characteristics of the line of sight to achieve unimpeded, visual integration, so that the visual space is more open.

3, the safety of anti-skid glass flooring substrate has a high strength, can withstand large loads without breaking, through the sandwich made of non-slip glass floor not only can withstand greater load, even in the anti-skid glass substrate accidental damage , The lower glass is still able to provide sufficient support to ensure safety.

4, non-slip layer does not fall off the anti-skid layer is the glass and the glass as a whole part of the sintering, it can be long-term friction without falling off.

Application place editor

Cafes, stage, exhibition hall, KTV song and dance venues, supermarkets, large shopping malls, museums, landscape corridors and other places need to slip

non-slip glass

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