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One-way perspective glass
May 13, 2017

Unidirectional perspective glass in use when the reflective surface (mirror) must be a bright side or towards the outdoor side. When the outdoor than the room bright, one-way perspective glass and ordinary mirror similar to the outdoor can not see the indoor scene, but the room can see the outdoor scene. And when the room is darker than the room, the outdoor can see the indoor scene, and the room can also see the outdoor scene, its clarity depends on the intensity of outdoor illumination.

One-way perspective glass is mainly used for concealed viewing windows, holes and so on. The product can be used in public security bureau, detention center, police station, prison, court, procuratorate, karaoke OK, office, kindergarten, psychiatric hospital, school and other special places

Product Installation Steps Edit

Installation of one-way perspective glass should follow the following steps:

1. Unidirectional perspective glass is divided into positive and negative sides. The front is a glass mirror, used to reflect the light, the installation should be facing the front of the room being monitored (ie, the space to be observed, such as the suspect's space.); The opposite facing the judge's location (ie: monitoring room).

2. The intensity of the light being monitored by the control room should be sufficient to ensure that the brightness of the monitored room is brighter and stronger, the more obvious the effect of the unidirectional perspective of the glass.

3. In order to achieve the best way to achieve the one-way perspective of the glass, the monitoring room in principle, do not install ceiling, do not allow other light source exists. If there is a window next to the control room, you must install opaque curtains, such as the enclosed curtains used by the hotel. When used, it is recommended to turn off all lights in the monitoring room.

4. If the control room must use the light, it is recommended to use point lighting, such as writing lamps and so on (shade opaque) to narrow the scope of light, and the monitoring room and the control room than the light control ratio of 1: 3 State, or a lower proportion, to ensure that the one-way perspective of glass performance intact. Note: The lights can not be installed directly behind the glass, so as not to monitor the indoor staff image reflected on the glass surface.

5. To enhance the overall reflectivity of unidirectional glass, it is recommended to install the spotlight above or below the glass mirror to enhance the overall reflectivity of the glass mirror and enhance the one-way perspective effect of the glass.

6. The actual distance between the monitored person and the unidirectional perspective glass should be kept above ≥ 1 meter.

7. Unidirectional perspective glass for special glass, the installation should pay attention to protect the glass mirror, the mirror can not be damaged once damaged.

Special reminder editor

One-way perspective glass for special glass, the installation should pay attention to protect the glass mirror, the mirror can not be damaged once damaged. The new safety of one-way perspective glass has overcome this shortcoming, already has anti-scratch, anti-corrosion characteristics

one way single mirror.jpg

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