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pattern glass for interior design
Apr 22, 2017

Basic overview editor

English name: Patterned Glass, Rolled Glass

Embossed glass, also known as pattern glass or knurled glass, also do ginning glass, is a rolling 

method used to manufacture a flat glass.

New products: ultra-white embossed glass. Ultra-white embossed glass is made of low iron content 

of the ore material into the embossed glass.

English name: Super Clear Pattern Glass, Low-iron Pattern Glass, rolled glass

Embossed varieties

Generally according to the pattern are: Yuhua, cloth pattern, Begonia flowers, gold, spring, ice, jigsaw 

puzzle, pear, thousands of grid, four seasons rainbow, double grid, wood, water, diamonds, bamboo, , 

Yuhua, Yinxia and other flowers.

Manufacturing process editor

The manufacturing process is divided into single roll and double roll.

Single roll method

Is to pour the glass into the calendering stage, the table can be made of cast iron or cast steel,

 table or roll engraved with patterns, roll in the glass surface rolling, made of embossed glass and 

then into the annealing furnace.

Double roll method

Production of embossed glass is divided into semi-continuous rolling and continuous rolling two

 processes, glass liquid through the water

Embossed glass

Embossed glass

A pair of cold rollers are pulled forward with the roll to the annealing furnace. Generally, the

 lower roll surface has a concavo pattern, and the upper roll is a polishing roller to produce a 

patterned embossed glass


Embossed glass physical and chemical properties of basic and ordinary transparent flat glass, only 

opaque opaque features, can make the light soft, and has a privacy effect of the screen and a certain

 decorative effect.


Embossed glass for the building of the indoor space, bathroom doors and windows and need to block

 the line of sight of various occasions, ultra-white embossed glass is also widely used in the field of


The installation of the pattern can be facing the interior to enhance the sense of decoration; as

 bathroom, bathroom doors and windows, doors and windows, the interval between the glass,

It should be noted that the pattern face outward, to prevent the surface of water and perspective.

pattern glass

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