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Silk glass
Mar 08, 2017

Silk glass also known as shatterproof glass and wire glass. In the process of rolling production 

process is the screen into the semi-liquid glass and the formation of a special glass. The advantage is 

higher than ordinary glass, the impact of the glass or the temperature drastic changes, 

so that it is not missing, split and scattered, to avoid the edges and pieces of small pieces of flying out 

rounds, such as the spread of fire, Still able to maintain a fixed state, play a role in isolation of the fire, 

it is also known as fire glass. The disadvantage is that in the production process, the screen is easily 

oxidized by high temperature radiation, the glass surface may appear "rust" the same yellow and 

bubbles. Clamp glass is often used in skylights, ceiling covers, and vulnerable windows.


Clamp glass can prevent debris from scattering. Even in the event of earthquakes, storms, shocks and 

other external pressure to break the glass, the debris is also difficult to fly, so compared with ordinary 

glass, it is not easy to cause fragments flying wounding.

Anti - theft

Ordinary glass is easy to break, so the thief can sneak into the illegal activities, and the folder glass is 

not the case. Even if the glass is broken, there is still a metal wire network at work, so thieves can not 

be easy to steal. Folder silk glass of this anti-theft, to the people to bring a sense of security.

As the wire glass body wire or mesh, so the integrity of the glass wire has greatly improved. Damage 

to avoid the overall collapse of broken, and thus have a certain fire and safety effects. 

The drawback of the silk is that the fluoroscopy is not good, because there is a screen inside the 

existence of the visual effects have some interference, followed by the edge of the glass exposed 

metal wire is easy to be corroded. The safety of the clamped glass and the glass is still in the form 

of damage, and the fragmentation of the glass will be distracted by the wire, reducing the damage 

to the human body. Can be used in sunroof, roof, indoor partitions and other vulnerable to fragments 

of the occasion. In addition, because the folder wire mesh is not easy to penetrate, for doors and 

windows also have a certain anti-theft effect. Clamp glass can also be used as a secondary doors 

and windows fireproof material. Ordinary glass in the fire when the heat is broken and broken, 

resulting in air flow and fire spread. Clamps of glass in the fire although the burst, but because of 

the support of metal wire or mesh and will not collapse through the hole, to a considerable extent 

to maintain integrity, to prevent the flow of air, the fire spread better resistance effect. 

The wire is also suitable for shockproof applications such as buildings with high seismic protection

 requirements and industrial vibration. Clamp wire, mesh glass to improve the fragile nature of flat 

glass, is a low price, widely used architectural glass.

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