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smart switchable glass information
Mar 14, 2017

1:  What kind of PDLC film you have?

1)Self-adhesive smart film: maximum size 1500*3500mm in sheet, 1.5*30m/roll. No need any machine to process it, you just need to stick it on the glass after you clean the glass. Driving voltage: AC220V-60V.

2) Lamination PDLC film: Maximum size 1800*3500mm in sheet, 1.8*50m/roll. Need a laminated machine to process it. Driving voltage: AC220V-60V.

3)Low voltage driving PDLC film: Maximum size 1400*3500mm in sheet, 1.4*50m/roll.

Driving voltage: AC220V-24V/36V.

2: Can I get a sample for the your PDLC film or smart glass?

Yes, we can supply you the free film sample size with 150*200mm, smart glass sample with 126*176MM.

3:  How do you process the PDLC film?

You can use EVA film for lamination, process at 80 degree or 120 degree.

Lamination data depends on the different kind of EVA film and laminated equipment. The maximum temperature of the PDLC film can bear is 120 degree.

4: Can we use PVB film for lamination?

Sorry we do not use PVB for trying...

5: Does the smart glass can use for outdoor?

Normally we do not suggest to use for outdoor if the sunshine on the glass over 4 hours/day.

The UV light will do harm to the liquid srystal film, and decrease the lifetime of the smart glass.

More questions please sent e-mail to us, hope we can solve the problems with you!


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