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Solar EVA film
Apr 13, 2017

Due to the superiority of EVA film in adhesion, durability, optical properties, it is widely used in current components and various optical products.

First, the advantages of solar cell packaging film (EVA) summarized as follows:

1, high transparency, high adhesion can be applied to a variety of interfaces, including glass, metal and plastic such as PET.

2, good durability can resist high temperature, moisture, ultraviolet and so on.

3, easy to store. Room temperature storage, EVA adhesion is not affected by humidity and absorbent film.

4, compared to PVB have a stronger sound insulation, especially the high frequency of sound

5, low melting point, easy to flow, can be applied to a variety of glass gluing process, such as embossed glass, tempered glass, curved glass and so on.

Special performance editing

With EVA film to do laminated glass, fully in line with the national standard glass "GB9962-99", the following 0.38mm thick transparent film, for example, the performance indicators are as follows:

Project Indicators Project Indicators

Tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 17

Visible light transmittance (%) ≥87

Elongation at break (%) ≥650

Fog rate (%) 0.6

Adhesive strength (kg / cm) ≥2

Resistant to radiation qualified

Water absorption (%) ≤ 0.15

Heat resistance qualified

Moisture resistance qualified

Impact resistance qualified

Shot bag impact performance

UV cut-off rate of 98.5%

Processing method editing

The glass is placed in vacuum bag vacuum, vacuum ≥ 700mmHg (0.092Mpa), the temperature is 100-110 ℃ (glass surface temperature), heat for 10 minutes, cooled to below 60 ℃, unloading vacuum.

Fourth, the storage of the time and conditions of storage when they are placed in the original packaging do not remove, placed in a place to avoid ventilation, and a temperature of not more than 30 ℃, humidity less than 80%.

Fifth, the product specifications:

Thickness: 0.25mm, 0.38mm

Width: 2.1m six, the product color and diverse (transparent, not through and color), to choose from.

In recent years, EVA film has been included, including DuPont, foreign giants control, authoritative data show that China's EVA film production can only meet the PV module manufacturers part of the demand, the domestic market there is a big gap. On the international market, high-quality EVA film in short supply, EVA film once became a bottleneck restricting the production of component plants

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