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Something about Smart switchable glass
Oct 21, 2017

Interesting Smart Switchable glass...

1) I have heard that the smart glass is magic, why do they say that?

Because it can turn from opaque to transparenct through by remote control or wall switch.

Can you see me?


2) It is amazing! How do you make it?

Ohhh.. That is a secret?  Sure not! 

Information provised if you ask me...

The core of the smart glass is PDLC film(liquid crystal film), when there is power on, the liquid crystal will be arranged on line, because the liquid crystal is like the army lined up,very trim. But when power off, it dismissed, so it is opaque.

The smart glass is like sandwich, the PDLC film is the meat, and the glasses on both side to protect the PDLC film. But people willl use the Polycarbonate panel to instead of the glass which apply to the hospital, or some other medical project, just aims to different requirements.


3) The smart glass need electric , does it do harmful to people?

Sure NOT! The smart glass normally work at AC220V/110V-48V/60V, some even with 24V, but some are used DC110V, it depends on different factory. 

And the bus bar(wire) is hidden and also the glass will make a good edge sealing when installed.

The glass cannot deliver the electric, so it is very safe except you want to be shocking and then to break the power suppply.. Lol.


4) I have glass already, but I do not want to change the glass, what can I do ?

Good. Man. You can use sticky PDLC film, this will do help for you.  You just need to stick it

on the glass is ok!!!

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