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Stereo glass
May 12, 2017

Production process

Using the same computer to control the two power were not enough to melt the glass

Stereo glass

Stereo glass

The laser of the glass is put into a blank glass cube in different directions, and the power of the two laser beams is preliminarily designed so as to be able to melt or even vaporize the glass in a very small range. The computer pre-set three-dimensional graphics used to control the two laser intersection movement trajectory, this glass crafts is generally used in this very reliable and simple process, the last process is the external surface polishing.

Mirage Stereo Glass is a special painting on the surface of ordinary glass, that is, in the glass surface of the three-dimensional glass paint spray, the glass surface appears three-dimensional effect, with the light can make it show a unique sense of flow, giving a strong artistic enjoyment. Ordinary float glass or flat tempered glass paste special phosphorescent tape, showing a three-dimensional sense of strong three-dimensional glass. Through the design can be any pattern, you can always adjust the pattern.

Application scope editing

Stereoscopic glass applications include star hotels, KTV rooms, sauna

Stereo glass

Stereo glass

Foot bath, SPA hall, nightclub and other places of entertainment and senior residential, villa, Western restaurant interior decoration, more for home decoration, it can be used as home decoration in the cultural wall, TV wall, space partition, kitchen and toilet Decoration and so on. It and the light with the class to achieve a good visual effect, in the three-dimensional glass wall after the installation of lighting allows the three-dimensional glass itself presents a unique pattern of three-dimensional and mobile sense, add luster to the interior decoration. Stereo glass technology is not only limited to glass, but also for plastic, metal, leather, film and other materials, because the glass-specific permeability and luster, so the glass can be processed on a better three-dimensional effect. [1] 

Process evaluation editor

Society in development, human progress, original three-dimensional painting

Stereo glass

Stereo glass

Face, can not meet the needs of consumers, aesthetic point of view gradually increased, the emergence of three-dimensional dynamic glass to the desire for people to look forward to 3D effect into reality; it uses high-tech principles of computer graphics, film synthesis, Water, people, scenery, photos, wedding dress into the painting, that is, three-dimensional realistic and colorful, structured, lifelike, people moving animation, painting with people moving dream and reality combined, is the era of painting technology boutique. Stereoscopic glass art value and practical value coexist [2], has been a lot of friends recognized and loved, is the glass industry pride.


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