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tempered glass furnace
May 10, 2017


Physical way Glass-making equipment through the flat glass heating, and then quenching the technical 

treatment, so that after the cooling of the glass surface to form a compressive stress, the formation of 

tensile stress within the glass, so as to achieve the glass strength, so that ordinary annealing glass to 

become glass equipment The Since this type of steel does not change the chemical composition of the

 glass, it is called a physical way of glass tempering equipment. If the equipment according to the 

heating characteristics of the device points, the device can be divided into forced convection heating

 equipment and radiation heating steel equipment; if the equipment structure, functional characteristics

to points, can be divided into modular steel equipment, flat steel equipment , Bending glass equipment,

 continuous steel equipment, two-way steel equipment, hanging furnace, and so on.

Chemical steel equipment is by changing the chemical composition of the glass surface to improve

 the strength of the glass, there are surface alkali, alkali metal ion exchange and other methods; 

due to this way to change the glass chemical composition of the glass, so called chemical glass

 equipment The

The glass tempering unit is composed of four parts: the segment, the convection heating section, the 

flat steel section, and the four parts of the fragment, as well as the high pressure centrifugal fan, the

 air supply duct, the set bellows, the gas road, the electrical control cabinet and the operation table.

Forced convection of the flattening unit using a unique jet flow technology, through the inhalation of 

hot air and preheated compressed air mixed in the nozzle, the nozzle to the glass surface of the airflow

 temperature greatly increased, the furnace hot air convection cycle Forced to enhance the furnace 

temperature uniformity and stability of the increase in the glass in the furnace heating effect is better.

Compressed air consumption is reduced by more than half compared to conventional compressed air 

convection models.

All parts of the drive unit using AC frequency conversion technology, motor drive, reciprocating drive

 speed adjustable;

Tempered equipment Atlas

Tempered Equipment Atlas (7 sheets)

Bit to run by the industrial computer and PLC composed of the control system automatically

 completed; air supply system automatically adjust the wind pressure, the upper and lower wind gate

 electric opening and closing, the air volume of the electric balance, the main valve automatically off;

 furnace, the main drive wind gate O Belt drive, in which the furnace using triple composite transmission

 synchronous technology, that is, orthogonal round belt plus interconnected circular belt; into, out of 

the main drive with chain drive, simple structure, reliable;

Furnace, the main drive power grid with a power outage state, the manual emergency film function, 

according to customer needs can also increase the emergency power

Source device to ensure that after the power failure of the furnace ceramic roller low-speed operation.


1, put the front of the transmission section for the steel surface of the roller surface, the rubber layer using high-density NBR natural rubber to reduce the film when the roller on the glass impact, to avoid the original piece of glass was scratched. The original piece of glass in accordance with the manual recommended by the way placed on the release section, transported by the roller to the furnace. For large glass, the release section also has an auxiliary lifting mechanism to facilitate the release film. The auxiliary lifting mechanism adopts the cylinder connecting mechanism and installs the branded caster to ensure that the lifting mechanism is lifted smoothly. The auxiliary lifting mechanism is raised and the wobble can be easily completed by the side roll. The auxiliary lifting mechanism falls and the glass falls on the roller table. And then press the feed button, the glass will automatically move forward, the glass sent to the furnace before the scheduled position, installed in the furnace before the transition roller near the photoelectric switch action, the roller stops rotating, the glass is on standby. According to the size of the glass placed, you can also set the glass through the operation of the distance of each movement to facilitate the display of different specifications of the glass. The length of the glass can also be measured using the front photoelectric switch and the rotary encoder mounted on the drive mechanism.

2, the lift: the use of a single cylinder, connecting rod mechanism to ensure that the four elevators lift up and down, synchronized.

3, side roller system: the bus is higher than the edge of the shell, to facilitate the loading and unloading of glass, is conducive to observe the original glass or steel after the quality.

4. Roller diameter: ¢ 54mm (rubber roller + rope rope)

Heating section

Mainly heating furnace, transmission system, lifting system and other components.

The skeleton of the heating furnace is made of high quality steel and steel plate. It has high strength, 

good rigidity, compact structure and firmness. The furnace body is divided into upper and lower parts,

the upper part of the furnace can be remotely controlled to facilitate the installation, replacement,

maintenance, clearing furnace. The furnace lining is made of high quality aluminum silicate refractory 

fiber compression plate. It has the characteristics of small thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, 

low density and little heat storage loss, and adopts the unique pre-tightening technology, which 

significantly reduces the heat dissipation And heat short circuit, effectively reduce the furnace surface

 temperature, improve thermal efficiency.

Furnace ceramic roller table using world-renowned products, transmission with a circular belt plus 

synchronous transmission belt, transmission accuracy greatly improved to reduce the impact of the 

drive system vibration on the ceramic roller, eliminating the deviation, will not be synchronized drive 

caused by scratches drop to lowest. Furnace has a high-performance patented heater, heating more

partitions, the furnace temperature is more uniform; heating element surface power is low, and good

 thermal shock resistance, longer life.

When the glass is in the furnace, the door is opened and the conveyor belt is fed into the furnace with

the ceramic roller in the furnace. Glass in the furnace by the roller drive in the set within the effective

 range for the back and forth before and after the swing, so that the glass evenly heated, heating 

quality better; at the same time to ensure that the ceramic roller is not deformed, no bending, the 

furnace long life.

Furnace Features:

1, the unique ceramic roller drive synchronization device: Although the orthogonal belt drive to reduce

 the impact of the transmission process on the ceramic roller, but the single-stage transmission of the

package angle of 180 degrees, coupled with the impact of manufacturing and installation errors ,

Can not fully guarantee the roller drive synchronization. As the ceramic roller is not synchronized, so 

that the glass in the furnace before and after the movement, the glass and the roller will produce a 

relative sliding between the lower surface of the glass will cause fine abrasion; while heating multi-piece

 glass, Or collision; in order to solve this problem, we used the roller compound transmission 

synchronous technology, that is, orthogonal round belt plus interconnected circular belt. In this way,

 the angle of the belt on each ceramic roller table reaches 540 degrees (and is triad driven). Even if 

there is a problem of individual belt breakage, there is no quality accident, so that the synchronization 

and reliability of the transmission are completely solved. All the roller synchronous drive, which greatly

 improve the heating quality and yield. Glass roller on the roller without sliding, ceramic roller bearing 

bearings must not run the inner ring, and can make ① white mist to reduce; ② walk accurate, positive 

and negative turn smoothly, effectively reducing the glass under the surface and roller friction Resulting in comet-like abrasion. ③ extended ceramic roller life;

2, roller conveyor: With the equipment with a special ceramic roller conveyor transport agencies, with 

this organization, people do not need to enter the furnace to complete the work of the demolition of

 ceramic roller, both fast and convenient, stop maintenance time to save more than half.

3, first-class insulation technology: the use of special high-density insulation board, coupled with the 

use of thermal insulation to eliminate the heat short circuit, so that insulation effect even better. 

At room temperature, the furnace surface temperature does not exceed 50 ℃, power failure 12 hours,

 the furnace temperature drop only 150 degrees, 30 minutes to reach the set temperature.

4, the best roller design

As the glass heating on the ceramic roller on the non-stop swing, ceramic roller material, surface 

conditions, size specifications affect the glass heating quality. In the whole process of steel, ceramic roller quality has an important impact, so we use imported high-precision silicon ceramic roller, fine workmanship, high precision surface processing, bending ability, payload, and therefore, heating defects more less.

Flat steel section

Flat steel section by the cooling wind gate, conveyor roller and set the wind box composition.

Steel stove

Steel stove

The grill of the windmill is made of alloy, and the cooling grille is divided into upper and lower parts, 

respectively, connected with the air distribution center. Control on the realization of intelligent,

 according to the different glass thickness, can automatically adjust the distance between the wind 

gate and glass, so that the jet distance is always at the best value, so the best cooling effect. The upper

 and lower wind gates are made up of several sub-wind gates in parallel. The cold air is sprayed from 

the wind tunnel nozzles, sprayed at high speed to the glass, and then spreads quickly and smoothly.

 The flow and pressure of the wind can change the frequency of the fan motor through the frequency 

converter Adjust the value required to trim the different glass. At the same time the glass is still on the 

before and after the swing, so greatly improve the cooling efficiency, glass blast problems have been 

greatly improved。

tempered glass machine

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