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TPU film for bulletproof glass
Apr 13, 2017

TPU bulletproof film is the main component of polyurethane elastomer, through a special process made of thin film. Widely used in armor, aircraft, automotive, information technology, new energy, high-end equipment and other fields.

TPU armor glass film

The following are the same as the "

TPU bulletproof film can be effectively combined with PC board (plexiglass), do bulletproof glass, anti-smashing glass.


high strength

TPU advanced bullet-proof film has a very high strength, PVB film is 5-10 times. Can effectively apply to the bank's bulletproof glass and villa's anti-smashing glass.

Penetration resistance

Ordinary PVB film bulletproof glass penetration test almost no standard, PU bullet-proof film to block the warhead penetrate, by the impact of glass on the back without debris flaking.

Good toughness

TPU film has a very high toughness, different from the PVB film brittle characteristics.

Cold, anti-aging, weather resistance

Can be in minus 40 ℃ to zero 70 ℃ in the environment, the air relative humidity ≦ 60%

Environmental non-toxic, can be decomposed

TPU bulletproof film is only one material composition, was neutral, not with other materials such as PC Nai Liban and curtain wall glue from the reaction, non-toxic and tasteless, is a high-tech environmentally friendly materials.


TPU bullet-proof film to maximize the reduction of ultraviolet light, blocking more than 99% of harmful light. This will help to avoid damage due to ultraviolet radiation.

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