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What is Smart glass?
Feb 27, 2017

The Smart switchable glass, we also called it intelligent glass or privacy glass. It is a kind of safety glass that have the privacy function. The Smart glass can turn from opaque to transparent when you connect with the power supply.


The core of the glass is the PDLC film(Liquid crystal film), a thin film laminate of rod-like nano-scale particles is suspended in a liquid and placed between two pieces of glass or plastic, or attached to one layer. When no voltage is applied, the suspended particles are randomly organized, thus blocking and absorbing light. When voltage is applied, the suspended particles align and let light pass. Varying the voltage of the film varies the orientation of the suspended particles, thereby regulating the tint of the glazing and the amount of light transmitted.


Application: The smart glass can spply to the office portion, exhibition, shower door, meeting room, commercial or residential appllication.

Below video to see our smart glass show:

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