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Add:2nd Likang Industrial Zone, Shitan Road, Shijing, Biayun District, 510430 Guangzhou China

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19th CBD Fair (Guangzhou ) Will Hold On 8-11th July
Jun 16, 2017

CBD exhibition range:

Construction, flooring, flooring, all kinds of flooring materials, etc .; manual, mechanism of carpets and textile floor materials, etc .; other floor pavement materials; wood flooring, solid wood flooring, Ground pavement materials; accessories, supplies and so on.

Bathroom accessories, bathroom mirror, swimming pool facilities, water heaters, heaters, bathroom cabinets, etc .; all kinds of wall and floor tiles (brick), bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, , Raw and auxiliary materials and production equipment; swimming equipment and accessories, SPA and sauna equipment, recycling filter products.

Kitchen equipment and accessories exhibition area: the whole cabinet, integrated kitchen, smart kitchen; gas stove, integrated stove, range hood, barbecue equipment, refrigeration equipment, water heaters, disinfection cleaning equipment, garbage processors and various kitchen appliances; , Door, plate, lighting, finish and other decorative and functional materials; sink, faucet, kitchenware

Hardware pendant, water purification equipment, cooking kitchenware; product design software, engineering software.

* Integrated home exhibition area:

Curtains, sliding doors, sliding doors, etc .; wardrobe system hardware accessories, sheet metal, paint and other auxiliary materials, etc .; wardrobe, cabinet, Woodworking machinery;

Doors, doors, security doors, security doors, fire doors, antique copper doors, art glass doors, molded doors, steel doors and windows, anti-mosquito doors, doors and windows Screens, blinds, molded doors, partitions, wooden doors, folding doors, louvers, mosaic glass doors; doors and windows of professional accessories and machine

Machinery, wooden doors complete sets of production and processing equipment; door industry auxiliary materials;

Construction hardware, decorative hardware, all kinds of automatic doors, gated hardware systems and accessories, access control electronic systems, hardware accessories, hardware tools, metal molds, metal casting, and so on;

* Decorative glass / sliding door exhibition area: art glass, architectural decoration glass, industrial glass, glass machinery;

* Ceiling ceiling: metal ceiling, ceiling processing machinery, soft film ceiling, aluminum / lead / point / unit / metal curtain wall, curtain wall accessories and processing equipment, sun panels, gypsum products,

Wall and paper tools, wallpaper production machinery and equipment, wallpaper production and accessories category, all kinds of wall ornaments, and so on; Wallpaper / wallpaper and wallpaper,

* Stairs: wooden staircase, steel staircase, other stairs and related accessories;

* Architectural lighting lighting exhibition: the overall home lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting;

* Building coatings and chemical building materials: wall / waterproof / floor coatings, paint additives, paint packaging materials; dry mortar; adhesives, admixtures, additives, construction glue, tape, sealant, rust , Building waterproofing materials, waterproof additives, anti-leakage materials, waterproof technology and related equipment; brushing appliances;

* Stone, gardening exhibition: stone (granite, marble, slate, sandstone, quartz stone, pebbles, artificial stone, etc.)

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