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Development History
Dec 05, 2016

Dimming glass by United States researchers at Kent State University in the late 80 inventions and patents. In China, people used to call intelligent electronically controlled dimmer for dimming glass glass, smart glass, crystal glass, electronically controlled glass, color changing glass, PDLC glass, Smart glass, glass magic name.

Intelligent control of glass and started in 2003 to enter the domestic market. Little is because prices are too expensive and rather limited and slow development in recent ten years in China. In recent years, with economy of continued high-speed growth, domestic building materials market development rapid, intelligent electric control adjustable light glass due to cost declined many, gradually for building and the design industry by accept and began mass application, with cost further reduced and the market price of cut, adjustable light glass also began into family decoration application field, believes, soon of future, this practical of hi-tech products will will into households.

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