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EVA film and smart switchable film(glass) Buying Guide
Dec 05, 2016

Dimming glass prices have been coming down tens of thousands of dollars per square meter of thousands of Yuan per square meter, but because of the high cost and other reasons, the dimming glass prices are relatively high, which also determines the application is positioned in the high-end market. Of course, with further maturity of the market and customer awareness of this product have exacerbated the increasingly widespread application of dimming glass, have application framework for building materials, deep into the appliance glass panel and other applications, has great potential for development.

Due to the price, dimming glass late entering the Chinese mainland market, with China's increasing economic prosperity, dimming glass has been rapid development in China. Domestic market brand of dimming glass mountains everywhere, seems to have entered the age of the warring States period. Market raised its glass businesses sell a variety of ways, product quality is high or low, uneven. Therefore, the purchase of dimming glass should have a certain expertise, serious identification of quality and authenticity, so as not to follow the latest trend is to spend a fortune to buy fake products, when a pig in a poke.

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