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Extension Of Application Of PDLC
Dec 05, 2016


Last century the late 80, PDLC technology from United States, Texas, University of Kent and to authorize United States Polytronix, Inc. commercial production LCD film products. First LCD products mainly used in LCD Dimming glass sandwich production, and was first used in the early 90 United States NASA project, this is the earliest known PDLC LCD Dimming glass case. As global PDLC LCD Dimming film pioneer and LCD Dimming glass production, Polytronix, Inc. brand owned by Polyvision LCD Dimming glass Privacy Glass is also used as a synonym for Europe, also called Polyvision dimming glass privacy glass or glass (the literal translation of Privacy Glass). Later, Korea, and Japan and other manufacturers began involved in this field in the mid 90, PDLC LCD film on China's domestic manufacturers have come out after a decade devoted to this production area.

PDLC LCD Dimming glass

PDLC LCD Dimming glass is actually PDLC LCD Dimming membrane laminated between two layers of glass, autoclave or one-step pressing the stove terminal applications. Power up using PDLC LCD film transparent, power matte features, widely used in all privacy protection of commercial space, hotel decoration, projection display and so on.

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