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Mar 15, 2017

Germany "Düsseldorf International Glass Technology Trade Fair" was founded in 1970, every two years, is the world's glass industry, one of the large-scale exhibition, the previous exhibition have a considerable number of visitors through the exhibition order glass products And processing equipment or signed a service consulting contract. The last exhibition area of 118600 square meters, the exhibition from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other 38 countries and regions, 1175 exhibitors and 42,414 spectators visited the exhibition. It is expected that the scale of the exhibition will be further expanded in 2016, when the international glass new products and technology and related services are gathered here. The exhibition not only provides a lot of technical information for the visitors, but also the occasion of the two sides to discuss the occasion, to the exhibitors and visitors to provide a very attractive way to open the international market. Glasstec 2016 will showcase the new product and production technology in the field for the past two years and extend the professional, global, dynamic, innovative, creative, flexible, intelligent and forward-looking features of the show, attracting visitors from all over the world. 

HUICHI attend the glasstec in 2016, and we meet a lot of our regular customers, and some new customers begin to work with us.

We show our newest PDLC smart film: 24V low voltage driving PDLC film(with low haze but high transparency), and the most thinest film with 0.1mm thickness. 

We hope to see you next time.



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