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Intelligent Dimming Glass
Dec 05, 2016

Intelligent dimming glass are sandwiched between two layers of glass with a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as dimming film LC film), liquid crystal films by PVB film in the most central, then autoclave or one-step glued into the oven at high temperature and high pressure process. Intelligent dimming glass besides the privacy features, along with all safety-glass application.

Dimming glass is a liquid crystal film between two layers of glass, at high temperature and high pressure laminated after forming one of the sandwich structure of the new special optical glass products. Users through the control current switching or control of transparent and opaque. Not only has all the characteristics of safety glass the glass itself, but also have privacy features to control glass, transparent or not, due to the characteristics of liquid crystal film sandwich, dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, replacing General screen, HD picture image in the glass.

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