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Intelligent Glass For Restaurant Decorating
Jun 21, 2017

Smart switchable glass for restaurant design:

Vivid appearance, bright light, simple tones are traditional features of the Western-style fast-dining restaurant design dining area, because these designs can be more convenient to maintain, accelerate passenger flow and energetic. But in order to meet the growing needs of children in the children, these bright colors, the contours of the blunt place is green plants, art, soft lighting, soft soothing colors, the structure replaced, in order to design "softening." Western-style fast-food restaurant design, but also often use the glass green sitting area, head skylight to make the surrounding environment has a natural, beautiful feeling. In addition, Western-style fast-food restaurant also often set up a play area for children to play.

The smart glass became more and more popular in modern design. (From opaque to transparent)

Well, what can we do for your restaurant with our smart glass?

1: To be sure there is enough light enter your restaurant to provide a good environment.

2: Keep privacy and safety when the restaurant closed.

3: Be a good way for the advertisement, instead of the tradictional way for LED TV to show your product.

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