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Judge Dimming Glass Quality, Choose Suitable For Dimming Glass Products Is Available From The Following Several Aspects
Dec 05, 2016

1, see manufacturer

Dimming glass products are high-end products, called glass luxury, of course, selection of quality worthy of the price of the product. Currently the General of dimming glass processing factories are processing less than 3 years, and cases rarely (some manufacturers use case pictures to each other doing false advertising), quality and reputation to be verified, the need to be cautious when buying. Buy commercially available brands or dimming of well-known manufacturers in the production of glass products, you can choose regular professional glass manufacturers

2, dimming film quality

Dimming film qualities are dimming glass-one of the most important factors of product quality. Therefore, purchase of dimming glass screen dimming dimming film quality of the glass.

Liquid crystal film originated from United States, developed by Japan, and Korea, and Taiwan and other countries and regions. For reliable performance and stability of liquid crystal film, international standard wide liquid crystal film has been controlled in 3000mmx 1200mm. Today, domestic liquid crystal film manufacturer, converted on the basis of second-hand machines and equipment in foreign countries, in order to compete for market share, introduced a wide 1800mm of liquid crystal film, but its poor performance and stability, and not up to the requirements for using the safe voltage and LCD film coating uniformity of LCD and other technical indicators cannot be guaranteed. Production of dimming glass liquid crystal membrane technology content and degree of difficulty is high, it is recommended that users not the blind pursuit of large size.

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