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Laminated Glass Bridge In China
May 06, 2017

Glass bridge is located in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi border Yueyang County, Hunan Province Pingjiang County Shi Niu Village area (national AAAA level scenic spots,

National Geopark), hanging between the large Maozhai and beauty peaks, two peaks terrain, hanging wall steep, the middle cracks across. This is the first domestic use of the full transparency of the high-altitude glass bridge, to adapt to the wind when the sun, riding on the glass bridge, Shi Niuzhai Canyon fissure panoramic view, walking on its like the wind and the line, breathtaking; Deep fog heavy occasion, the bridge overlooking the sky to enjoy the sky, if the "bridge in the clouds", exposure to the canyon natural moat in a unique sense of the feelings of the stone cattle Village Danxia wonders. [2] 

Glass bridge about 300 meters, the vertical height of 180 meters, is the largest domestic span, the highest vertical height of the glass bridge. [

Hunan Pingjiang County Shi Niuzhuang glass bridge project will be built in Pingjiang County Shi Niuzhuang Scenic Area

Stone cattle wall high glass bridge

Beauty peak and the big spear between the two cliffs, the bridge is 300 meters long, 2.64 meters wide and 180 meters high, the glass bridge for the world's first full use of the transparent high-altitude glass bridge. [6]

Pingjiang County Shi Niuzhai Scenic Area to build "the world's first long glass bridge" after the news spread, causing widespread concern and questioned. Scenic side 30 days responded that the glass bridge in the design, construction, supervision and other aspects are particularly focus on safety. The bridge is made up of four main wire ropes and twelve base wire ropes, each of which is tested by precision instruments to ensure a balanced force; the glass bridge selects the top quality steel and tempered glass Carrying capacity in more than 1,200 tons


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