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Low Temperature Processing EVA Film(laminated At 80 Celsius Degrees)
Mar 11, 2017

With the developing of the EVA interlayer film, there are many different kind of EVA interlayer film meet differentent requirements.

Except the transparency safety glass requirements, there are more and more decorative interlayer laminated into the glasses by the EVA film, such as PVC, PET, paper, polycarbonate, or some other interlayer material. It requires the EVA film needs a  strong adhesion strength with different material, the decorative material needs keep the best shape and best color.

Some of EVA interlayer film needs a high temperature(130 celsius) then the EVA film melt, but some material that cannot bear such a high temperature, or the shape or color will change.

Well, aims to the low temperature processing EVA film(HC-TD), HUICHI develope a kind of EVA film that can laminate it at 80 degree, with super clear and good adhesion strength.

We also use this film to laminate with our PDLC smart switchable film for smart glass at 80 degree, the PDLC film would not shrink, and reaches the best transparency.


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