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PDLC Light Switch Theory
Dec 05, 2016

In the case of external voltage-free, film could not form a regular electric, optical axis orientation of liquid crystal particle random, disordered, the effective refractive index N0 does not match the refractive index of polymer NP. Incident light is strongly scattering, the film is opaque or translucent.

Applying external voltage, liquid crystal optical axis perpendicular to the film surface arrangement of particles, that is, consistent with the direction of electric field. Unusual refraction of light particles and polymer of refractive index matching, no obvious interface, form a basic uniform of the medium, so not scattering of incident light, thin film transparent. Therefore, the applied electric field, driven by the PDLC having optical switching characteristics.

Influence of PDLC light switch of the electro-optic effect of many factors, such as the thickness of the film, liquid crystal and polymer mixture ratio, phase separation, such as time, temperature and voltage of frequency.

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