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Practical Uses
Dec 05, 2016

Business application

Example 1: projection screen. Here, dimming glass has a different business name, called "smart glass projection screens", which means that transparent background decorative picture can be displayed under the status, or as a glass wall of the meeting room. Alternative Imaging under opaque curtains, and more clear picture features. This way, it broke the traditional function of the cement wall in a monopolistic situation and multiple roles.

Example 2: offices, conference rooms, control room partition. Even is huge of Office District, was number wall body or frosted glass partition also will is small oppressed, all used permeability glass design and lack business confidentiality, then you does need a can regulation transparent photometric of glass material with solution troubles, monitoring room, and room, and business chat, Office regional, can regulation for full light transparent State, need Shi, as long as gently by moving remote control, is can let whole regional from around eye in the completely fuzzy off.

Residential applications

Example 1: external settings. Terrace Bay window plus additional glass, but everyone can see in built-up make revolutionary improvements less privacy. Everyday situations, adjusting to the transparent State, maintaining bright lighting; feel free to State, in order to maintain security, adjustable to the opaque, but still have the Sun close, two birds with one stone.

Example 2: interior partitions. Dimming glass separated rooms, improved layout, increase the brightness adjust degrees of freedom and guarantees of privacy in different areas, will get unexpected results.

Example 3: use as a small home theater curtain, screen, screen effective combination. (Principle business projection screen with the same)

4, on the premise of use safe voltage, dimming glass bathroom, toilet partitions, not only to make the layout clear and can protect privacy,

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