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Product Process
Dec 05, 2016

Several processing methods of dimming glass fine solutions:

Step 1, vacuum forming. The device structure is simple, but very few can make glass equipment, the process may seem simple, but in practice on temperature control precision is high, there will be waste products are large bubbles, glue, spray. Since dimming glass production cost is high, does not allow more than 1% of processing scrap, so non-standard business and technical skills are not up to the precise control of enterprises, General dare not to use this method to produce light glass. Currently the master "one step" essence of dimming glass processing factory is very small. But to use this method make dimmable glass finished long life and performance is relatively stable.

2, use an autoclave processing. Autoclave process similar to the process before the actual one-step process, later autoclave high pressure high temperature molding. Autoclave processing can avoid bubbles, phenomena such as glue, but the disadvantage is obvious, because of autoclave molding glass to withstand pressures up to twice as long as one step of vacuum forming, and dimming glass main sandwich material electrical conductivity of conductive coatings film shrinkage causes breakage or resistivity increases, the dimming glass performance and greatly shorten the life of the finished product.

Autoclave molding method for optical glass equipment must be dedicated, accurate dimming glass character, unfortunately very few domestic manufacturers are private, mostly with conventional laminated glass mix, autoclave frequent parameters can not guarantee the adjustable parameters of optical glass, is also easy to damage the device.

3, water bath method is the sealing clamp into the 100-degree water, a variety of processing temperature is the most accurate and uniform, but manufacture of fixture is very difficult, only Japan manufacturers.

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