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Smart Glass New Projects Finished For Meeting Room Partition
Mar 23, 2017

Product performance

1. Privacy protection: intelligent dimming glass is the greatest function of privacy protection, you can always control the glass

Dimming glass(smart switchable glass)

From opaque to transparent state when you connect with the power supply.

2. Projection function: intelligent dimming glass or a very good projection hard screen, in the light of the appropriate environment, if you choose high lumen projector, projection imaging results are very clear and outstanding. (Recommended the use of rear projection imaging)

3. With the advantages of safety glass, including rupture to prevent debris splash after the safety performance, good anti-strike strength.

4. Environmental characteristics: dimming glass in the middle of the dimming film and film can be insulated, blocking more than 99% of the UV and more than 98% of the infrared. Shield part of the infrared to reduce heat radiation and transmission. The shield of ultraviolet light, can protect the indoor furnishings are not due to ultraviolet radiation and fade, aging, etc., to protect the staff from the direct cause of ultraviolet radiation.

5. Sound insulation characteristics: dimming the middle of the dimming film and film sound damping effect. Partial barrier noise.

smart glass when turn off

smart glass when turn on

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