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Technical Parameters
Dec 05, 2016

A. dimming glass of good quality power transmission is very good, clear, opaque appearance and power transmission, excellent privacy. Simple testing method: put the palms on the back glass, power state, from front to back of the hand, although its fuzzy back, but you must not see the fingerprints of the Palm. Or you can put an object in front of glass 3cm, balanced and non-back-lit on both sides light, under a strong light, seen from the reverse side, should look at the object could not be better. Good quality dimming glass light transmission rate should be around 75%.

B. inside outside for bathroom, bathroom partition and curtain walls, Windows and doors, such as indoor use of dimming glass, should ask the operator lighting glass film is EN or PVB interlayer. PVB (polyvinyl butyral) as the sandwich has a history of more than 30 years, PVB, PVA chain containing hydroxyl groups with strong water soluble, is sensitive to humidity, and using a PVB takes more energy, costs rose. PVB haze processing of finished products, and General haze above 10%, transmittance is less than 70%, its specific chemical structure of acetic acid tolerance, alcohols and ketones is poor, could even be dissolving or softening and loss of adhesion, in the construction process easy to create open, debonding problem. EN (PE-vinyl acetate) as a sandwich can avoid these problems and have better transmittance, thus it has around the world gradually upgrading PVB interlayer. Glass curtain wall and outdoor applications as an intermediate film of laminated glass generally do not recommend the use of EVA film, does not recommend the use of dimming glass, almost no dimming glass on the current international and domestic market for outdoor projects.

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