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LED GLASS luminous glass for interior design

LED GLASS luminous glass for interior design

LED Glass is a kind of laminated glass.Its LED granules can shine when there is electricity. Maximum glass size is 1100mm, shape can be customized. Apply to the bar, the front of the shop.

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LED GLASS for interior design

The glass structure is a sandwich structure. An array of LED dot light sources 3 is arranged between the substrate glass 2 and the upper cover glass 4. The point light source is energized through the conductive lines 1 on the substrate glass 2, and the array pitch may vary depending on the application target. 

By a programmable controller or computer program to control the LED light source in the array of light and not bright two states, and the formation of a combination, 3 and 4 can be selected with or without a layer of transparent PVB film (or EVA film) 

To achieve a variety of combinations of display or lighting method. The glass of the substrate glass 2 and the cover glass 4 may be a variety of products such as tempered glass, ultra white glass, printing sandblasted glass, stained glass, low radiant glass, glass panel optional fireproof glass, hollow coated glass and so on.

 According to the specific use, to determine the need for a variety of color LED light source number, 

and then design the circuit. The substrate glass 2 is usually a plain plate glass coated with a transparent 

conductive film. According to the designed circuit, the main conductive lines are prepared by the 

semiconductor photolithography mask etching process, the resistance is adjusted, and the conductive 

lines can not be avoided when the circuit is designed. Position, the need for the first coating or screen

 printing layer of insulating paste, and then screen printing a layer of conductive silver paste.

  After the basic glass circuit is made, with the chip placement machine placement LED point light source, 

at present, without light conversion of the LED light source has red, blue, green 3 kinds of light,

 you can also paste the phosphor conversion LED light source The Each LED point light source as a point,

 individually control its bright and not bright two states. According to the use of life, luminous effect and 

energy consumption to choose LED point light source.

    With a silver conductive paste welding lead, and then connected to the programmable controller or

 control computer to test whether there is a LED light source does not light, troubleshooting, to ensure

 that each point light source with bright and not bright two states. Whether the display effect or lighting 

effect is met.

  The transparent PVB film (or EVA film) is covered on the LED lamp, and then the cover glass and the

 substrate glass with transparent adhesive together, you can choose whether to install the border.

Our company's LED luminous glass basic parameters:

Monolithic maximum size: 1400 * 2600 (mm);

Optional glass: all kinds of color glass, glass technology can be, many styles;

Optional LED lights color: white, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow and so on;

LED lights arranged: matrix, stars, other ways please contact customer service;

Per square meter LED nsity: <350 stars.


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