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Switchable smart film (PDLC) for switchable glass lamination

Switchable smart film (PDLC) for switchable glass lamination

PDLC film is the core of the smart switchable glass, the switchable film can turn from opaque to transparent by remote or switch when you connect with the power, Suitable for office portion, exhibitions, Jewelry cabinet,shower door, and hotel..

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PDLC high transparency smart film for switchable glass lamination

The PDLC smart film is interlayer materials of the smart switchable glass, composed by liquid crystal interlayer and ITO film.

When the power on, the liquid crystal will be under regular arrangement, so the film will be transparent. Power off, it is opaque, but the light still can go through the film, the room / office can be bright !.

Also the film can be cut in different shape and logo deisgn, like shutter, instead of traditional shutter, it is more simple to operate with it ..

Smart film types :  Lamination PDLC film( laminated into 2 pics of the glass by EVA film with super clear).

 maximum size:  1.8*3.5m in sheet ,  1.8*50m in roll

Smart switchable  glass application:

 Privacy glass windows and doors/ screens and partitions/ shower room/furniture / cabinets

/ projection screen /store fronts / visual displays/ advertising screens/ bank counter / reception displays /meeting room / conference room


1.parallel light transmittance:ON 80% OFF 5%
2. Haze: ON 3.7% OFF 92%
3. Minimum privacy distance: 3cm (switch off)
4. Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 ( °C )
5. Storage Temperature: <30°,humidity <85%
6. Rated Voltage: 60V(AC,)
7. Current: <0.1A/sq
8. Energy Consumption: 6W/sq.m.
9. Viewing Angle:  120 °
10. Rate of Anti-UV: ≥98%
11. Response Time: 10ms
12. Working life:>50000 hours
13. Switching times: >80,000,000
14. sound insulation:>35dB

Smart switchable glass can be with different patterns.

HUICHI, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings customers quality pdlc laminated smart film made in China. As one of the famous brands, our factory also offers customers the free sample, the price list and quotation consultation, as well as the customized service.

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